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5 reasons why college swimming is the best (and why you should pursue it)

Ask any collegiate swimmer about their college swimming experience, and they will tell you they wouldn’t trade it for the world!


4 Reasons why 100 IM should be offered at all swim meets

The 100 IM is a race many swimmers would love to have!


A3 Performance Legend: The Newest Advancement in Technical Racing

A3 Performance is thrilled to announce the release of its newest, FINA-approved technical racing suit LEGEND. The A3 Performance team…

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The 7 Types of Slackers on every Swim Team

Every swim team has them…the loafers who are undeniably giving 50% max at practice day after day, the sneaky strategists who find a shortcut in every set, the save-ups who manage to leave a killer practice with a ton of energy…you know them as THE SLACKERS!


7 Ways to Cope With Retirement From Competitive Swimming

How to transition to the afterlife of your competitive swimming career. #6 Don’t compare your old swimmer self to your new swammer self.


A3 Performance Inks Badger Sprint Queen Ivy Martin

“I really trust A3’s vision. I feel very comfortable racing and training in their gear and I believe their support will contribute to my success,” said Martin.

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The 4 Most Common Extracurricular Activities of the Competitive Swimmer

#2 Napping. Olympic Champion Nathan Adrian must know what we’re talking about. Sprinters are fast, but big, strong sprinters love to nap.


5 Tips for a Better Breaststroke with Emily McClellan

Training out in Southern California with Trojan Swim Club, McClellan shares some breaststroke tips that have excelled her to the level she enjoys today.


A3 Performance signs US National Team Member Michael Weiss through 2016

Weiss swam in A3 throughout his collegiate career as a Wisconsin Badger and is looking forward to representing A3 at the Pan American Games, World Championships, and the fast approaching US Olympic Trials.

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4 Reasons Why High School Swimming is Awesome

The high school swimming environment is relaxed, competitive, and a whole lot of fun. It is an incredibly valuable experience that will leave you with so many unforgettable memories. Simply put, high school swimming is awesome.