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Zooming in the Pool

The use of short blade fins, such as FINIS Zoomers, can help an athlete train smarter in the pool. How? We provide a couple of examples that highlight the advantages of Zoomer training.

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Keeping Track of Your Heart Rate

Heart rate is something that is important to monitor for athletes, especially competitive athletes. Not only is it good for people to know heart rates for their health, the human heart rate is a fantastic indicator of fitness level.

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What makes the Foil Monofin So Good?

Bob Gillett, the co-designer of the FINIS Foil Monofin, describes what makes this monofin so good…

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Feel the Speed

“One of the ways to boost your speed is to incorporate the Stationary Cord Long Hip Belt into your training.”

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Positive Drive Fins: No Stroke Left Behind

In a workout, sometimes being a breaststroker feels like being the redheaded stepchild.  Sometimes you feel so different from the…


Swimmer’s Snorkel: Really Focus on Swimming Technique

See why this is one piece of training equipment that every athlete should have in their gear bag.


Go Strapless

Think back to the first time you put a paddle on your hand…


New Age of Video Analysis: Stroke Lab

FINIS Stroke Lab™ takes video analysis to the next step by providing an easier avenue for coaches and swimmers to store and share their videos.


Getting to the Bottom of Stroke Rate: Tempo Trainer Pro

What is the optimum “stoke rate” pace that guarantees faster swimming? The great news is that FINIS has created the Tempo Trainer Pro, a waterproof metronome, to help swimmers and coaches find this answer.



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