Australia Wins Over Half of Money Awarded on Day 1 of SuperSport Series

The Australians are well on their way to winning the overall team prize of $100,000 after 1 day of the 2013 BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series, and with $104,000 in prizes handed out on Friday, they’ve already raked in a huge pile of cash.

To read about all of the prize money available, click here.

The winners of each individual event receive $2,500 dollars, with $1,500 going to the runners-up and $750 to third place. Relay stakes are even higher, with $8,000 for winners, $4,000 for runners-up, and $2,000 for third place (divided among the four team members). The total comes to half-a-million dollars on the weekend, when overall prizes are included.

The Australians took $58,000 on the first day of the meet, while the Chinese had a strong showing (especially from their men, not the country’s strong point lately). South Africa, meanwhile, struggled, with $4,000 of their $7,000 coming from last-place relays.  See the by-country and by-athlete prize money tables below.

(All figures in Australian Dollars, 1 Australian Dollar x 1.05 = USD)

  Total F M
Australia $58000 $24500 $33,500
China $39,000 $18,750 $20,250
South Africa $7,000 $1,750 $5,250

By Athlete

M David McKeon Australia $4,500
M Feiyi Cheng China $4,000
M Brenton Rickard Australia $3,500
F Emily Seebohm Australia $3,500
F Leiston Pickett Australia $3,500
M Ryan Napoleon Australia $3,500
F Alicia Coutts Australia $3,000
F Bronte Barratt Australia $2,500
F Cate Campbell Australia $2,500
M Christian Sprenger Australia $2,500
M Daniel Arnamnart Australia $2,500
F Fu Yuanhui China $2,500
M Jamse Magnussen Australia $2,500
M Jiayu Xu China $2,500
F Jing Zhao China $2,500
F Liuyang Jiao China $2,500
M Matt Targett Australia $2,500
F Meagen Nay Australia $2,500
F Sarah Katsoulis Australia $2,500
F Shiwen Ye China $2,500
M Shun Wang China $2,500
M Yin Chen China $2,500
F Ying Lu China $2,500
M Ashley Delaney Australia $2,000
M Thomas Fraser-Holmes Australia $2,000
M Kenrick Monk Australia $2,000
M Hao Yun China $1,750
F Jin Zhao China $1,750
M Xiayan Li China $1,750
M Zhiwu Lu China $1,750
F Belinda Hocking Australia $1,500
M Chris Wright Australia $1,500
M Garth Tune South Africa $1,500
M James Roberts Australia $1,500
M Jayden Hadler Australia $1,500
M Liu Wiejia China $1,500
F Liu Zige China $1,500
F Melanie Schlanger Australia $1,500
F Zxuan Xu Li China $1,500
M Yunqi Li China $1,000
M Dai Jun China $1,000
F Bai Anqi China $750
M Charl Crous South Africa $750
M Daniel Tranter Australia $750
M Mitch Larkin Australia $750
F Samantha Hamill Australia $750
F Shao Yiwen Australia $750
F Trudi Maree South Africa $750
F Yi Tang China $750
M Myles Brown South Africa $500
M Leith Shankland South Africa $500
M Calvyn Justus South Africa $500
M Bryon Doyle South Africa $500
F Lehesta Kemp South Africa $500
M Darren Murray South Africa $500
F Suzaan van Biljon South Africa $500
M Giulio Zorzi South Africa $500

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that makes our GP prize money like chump change

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