Amanda Kendall Dismissed from LSU

LSU has dismissed senior-to-be Amanda Kendall from its women’s swim team for “a violation of team rules.”

“Our program and university has standards in place for our student athletes to take advantage of in order to have success in the classroom, pool and society,” LSU head coach Dave Geyer said. “It is disappointing when an athlete chooses to not uphold those required standards.”

Kendall is a USA Swimming National Team member and a Pan Ams gold medalist who would have likely made at least two A-Finals at this year’s National Championship meet, but a broken hand just two weeks before the meet kept her home from Auburn.

What’s next for Kendall is yet unknown (we have reached out to her for comment, but as of yet have not received response). She is already on her way out of Baton Rouge, having withdrawn mid-semester, and will presumably return home to train for the Olympic Trials.

Transfering in-conference is out of the questions, as SEC rules state that athletes must have two years of eligibility remaining to transfer within conference. But because of the Olympic year, LSU’s compliance department has applied for an Olympic-year waiver for Kendall that would allow her to withdraw from school mid-semester without establishing a year of residency at the new school. This means that with a transfer to a non-SEC school, she would be eligible to swim next season (presuming that the waiver goes through – which it has not yet).

This was obviously a tough decision for Geyer, but he feels that it sends a message that parents are going to be able to send their kids to him and LSU, and understand that they will be taken care of, and will be in the right environment.

One possible landing spot would be at George Mason, where her former coach Peter Ward is the head coach. Ward was her club coach in high school, and George Mason is in her home town of Fairfax, where she would be able to be in a more familiar environment at home. Speculation as to what has gone on with Kendall at LSU has been widespread, including the “how” she broke her hand on a Saturday night, but without confirmation we won’t elaborate on any of it.

All signs seem to point to her being closer to home as a more positive situation for her.

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9 years ago

Is Geyer the coach or AD?

9 years ago

The Head Coach and I am glad he is sticking to some standards!

9 years ago

It’s too bad she wasn’t on the LSU football team. She would have been promoted to the starting line up.

Kudos to Dave for making the tough decision. It’s unfortunate that he was forced to do so.

Reply to  SwimCoach
9 years ago

I”m sure the Woman’s AD had more to do with this decision than anyone.

Reed S
9 years ago

Any idea what rule she violated?

9 years ago

Momma said knock you out! Should we warn the bar patrons of poor Fairfax, the prodigal daughter returns? And with bionic steel finger replacements no less….the better to knock you out, momma said!

9 years ago

kara lynn joyce left stars.. going to train at mac

9 years ago

It is certainly disappointing that her continued poor judgment outside of the pool forced this decision because she is a stellar sprinting talent and by all accounts a well-respected teammate.

I’m not sure who is willing to take her on, but certainly George Mason seems like a logical spot with her history with the coach. I would also find it interesting if she landed at UVA … potentially compelling “road to redemption” type story with Kendall and Perdue, arguably the two most high-profile swimmers to miss NCAA’s this past season, making it back as seniors and also a helluva 800 free relay with their other returning pieces, but pure speculation on my end.

9 years ago

Amanda is a talented swimmer but when she swam for club, high school, and even summer in the Fairfax area she was not a stellar role model & certainly not a team player. I was hopng she would grow up and get it together. Whatever happened…sure sounds like that did not happen.

Chris Anthony
Reply to  SpringtoLife
8 years ago

Got to ask yourself 2 can someone like her be such a moron. Guess some ppl just do not have as many brain cells as other.

2nd..where are the parents? my daughter is in the NOVA swim scene and if she started acting like an idiot…I would boot her right in the azz. Too bad, but Darwin at work…..the old saying is true…you can’t fix stupid.

Come on GMU (my alma mater) don’t cave and put this tramp on the team.

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