After Larkin Break-up, Seebohm Missing From Australian Training Camp

World champion Emily Seebohm is notably absent from Australia’s training camp taking place in Cairns this week, part of a one-month series of team training stints leading up to this summer’s Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo. The absence comes just days after Seebohm made it public that she and long-time boyfriend, Mitch Larkin, had decided to part ways.

Per Seebohm’s Instagram account over the weekend, the backstroking icon stated, “I would like to take this opportunity before more speculation and rumours are spread. Due to current events that have occurred, Mitch Larkin and I have decided to end our relationship and go our separate ways. As always I appreciate your support and ask for your understanding and privacy on this matter.”

Speculation grew that Seebohm was indeed missing in action this week due to the break-up, but she took to social media once again to explain her not showing up, stating she is staying in Brisbane, as scheduled, in order to tend to her ailing horse, Platinum.

“2 weeks ago I made the decision that it was in my best interest to stay in Brisbane and join the Australian Swim Team later into the staging camp. This decision was due to my horse Platinum needing extensive medical care and needing extra attention at this point in time. This situation also gives me the chance to stay in Brisbane with my coach David Lush and continue my training preparation. As always, I appreciate your support and understanding my privacy in this matter.
Tomorrow Platinum has surgery again to hopefully take away his pain that he has in his shoulder. Unfortunately this is our last resort as I don’t what him to have to live with pain everyday. I have everything crossed for my baby and I pray that you will be pain free soon! ❤️❤️❤️”

Regarding Seebohm’s not appearing in Cairns, Aussie Head Coach Jacco Verhaeren does not believe it will have a significant effect on the multi-Olympian’s performance in Tokyo this summer.

“It is of course always unfortunate if somebody has to miss out on the opportunity to be here and be with her teammates and train together,” Verhaeren told The Courier Mail.

“It is difficult but of course she can train at home as well.”

Regarding the break-up of Swimming Australia’s power couple, Verhaeren said, “Of course, it is never nice to be in this situation but it is part of life. They’re both mature people.

“It’s very unfortunate, very sad but at same time life moves on. They’re very young and I’m sure they will too.”

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4 years ago

Anyone wondering if Katinka Hosszu has any involvement?

Reply to  Curiousamerican
4 years ago

I think they confirmed it was an Australian swimmer.

Reply to  Princeharrysnextwife
4 years ago

more than one.

SumTing Wong
4 years ago

I always loved donkeys so I understand completely . I just love them all , all genders, all colors , good ones ,bad ones , wild ,tame you name it . Love is Love .

4 years ago

Due to current events.. hard to believe they would break up over a horse? Notice she’s removed all Instagram posts that has Mitch in it meanwhile Mitch still has pics of Seebohm in his Instagram .. I’m starting to think Mitch is to blame for the beak up since an amicable split won’t require you to remove past pictures unless they cause heartbreak .. #readingbetweenthelines

Reply to  Verram
4 years ago

Matches her Insta story. Indicating something happens once, will happen again.

4 years ago

“Due to current events that have occurred”…… most events do occur, yes….

4 years ago

My question is why they keep posting they break up! It’s their personal life so let’s leave it personal

Reply to  Jimbo
4 years ago

As she stated, she wanted to get ahead of speculation and rumors. I’m not Australian so I don’t know how the media reports on them, but I’d imagine that complete privacy is something they don’t have, and so this announcement would reduce the drama attached to their names.

4 years ago

Lol high school drama.

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

Did you read the article? The breakup is unrelated to her absence.

Reply to  Maelstrom
4 years ago


Beachbum jason
Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

The article states it’s not related to the breakup but if it is it’s not for you to insult. Most people would need time to recover after a break up and time away from that person.

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

I know Shane Tusup factors in here somewhere, but I can’t figure it out.

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