5 signs you used to have a swimmers body

Courtesy of  Christian Bahr, a Bolles School and SMU alum. At SMU he was a 9-time NCAA All-American and team captain. Christian was also a member of the USA National Team, representing Team USA at the World University Games. Christian went on to coach at Bolles and is now at the famous Nashville Aquatic Club. (Image courtesy of The Natural Truth)

1. You Still Snap Your Bicep

After a workout at the local gym or YMCA, you absentmindedly snap your bicep against your lats to the consternation of the septuagenarian using the locker next to you.

2. Stretch Marks Line Your College Swimming Tattoo

Somewhere on your hip is the stretch-marked remains of a college logo tattoo.

3. You Toss Advice To Summer Leaguers (like a boss)

When you hear that the kid down the block is getting ready to swim in his first summer league championship meet you tell the kid, “here’s an extra $2 towards that paper suit” after he just mowed your lawn.

4. The Bent-Knee Kick Midair Dive

Whether from a dock, a boat, a cliff, or into a pool – whenever you dive into a body of water you bend your knees and kick them in mid-air ala 1988.

5. No Fear Of The Tiny Speedo, Ever

Whether or not you can even see the suit strings past your stomach, when you walk around in a speedo you do so with the confidence of a great white circling a reef.

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Joel Lin

Can I send my therapy co-pay bill to you now?


Can’t stop laughing! Ever single one of these is so me!


After leaving the pool, you eat like you just swam 8,000 instead of 1/4 that distance.

Very, very true…. I did. Still striving to get back to fighting weight :/


Me, too. Eventually, I found that 3500m a session is a good training distance for me most of the time. Fairly forgiving as far as caloric transgressions go (and enough for weight loss if I am disciplined) but not so much distance that I pay for it later in ibuprofen consumption.

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