4×100 Free Relay, London Olympic Preview

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8 years ago

Great discussion. I’ll go Aussies, USA, and Russia. South Africa, France, Brazil, Italy all in the mix for Bronze.

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
8 years ago

Adrian anchoring with a 47.2 would be a great swim, dunno about a 46.2.

8 years ago

This video totally pumped me up. Let’s get to London already!!

Reply to  Calbearfan
8 years ago

I think the Aussies will have it…even if Phelps can flat-start a 47.4, that doesn’t give the Americans a boost anymore because we’ve already seen James Roberts flat-start 47.6.

Russia is in interesting pick for bronze…they’ve been this team with all of these young swimmers waiting to explode for SO long, but then they just collapsed last year. I think France beats South Africa on depth – Agnel is focusing 100/200 now.

Reply to  Braden Keith
8 years ago

I agree, and I think it’s more accurate (right now) to portray the US as fighting for silver, not gold. Unless the Aussies completely collapse, they’ve got around 1.5 seconds on everyone else, and that’s assuming that they don’t improve more (unlikely given their age). South Africa is a little lacking on depth to be more than a spoiler for bronze, and Russia lacks the killer legs (Magnussen/Phelps/Adrian/Roberts) although they have the depth. France has a good pair with Gilot and Agnel, but I wouldn’t count on big meet performance from Leveaux or Bernard, who’ll both need to be stellar to keep France in the running. For the US, as others have said, Phelps and Adrian are solid bets with… Read more »

Reply to  Chris
8 years ago

France looked like they were going to be the main challenge to the Aussies, but then Meynard and Stravius flopped at their trials. However, they do have all the guys on the roster, and if they get back to where they should have been, with Agnel on the team, they can contend. They just need to not have Bernard swim.

RSA is the same way; they were one leg away from being with the US last year without Schoeman. However, they were unimpressive at their trials.

My prediction right now is 1. AUS 2. USA 3. FRA 4. RUS 5. RSA 6. GER 7. ITA 8. BRA

Reply to  Kirt
8 years ago

Kirt – great call on Italy. Another young team with a lot of potential.

I actually think Brazil can finish much higher than 8th, if they make it through prelims. Afterall, they were 9th in prelims with a 50.32 instead of Cesar Cielo, who could have been 47-mid. Make that change, plus Chierighini’s improvements (rolling start 48.7 last year, flat start 48.7 this year), Bruno Fratus (49.0 flat-start last year), and adding in Cielo…that 3:16 becomes a 3:13 in a hurry…if they make it through prelims.

Reply to  Kirt
8 years ago

In reply to Braden-Italy is an oddly non-descript relay. I don’t trust Magnini to have another great swim, but Dotto, Orsi, and Santucci are quiet up-and-comers. Germany is another interesting one. Di Carli should be worth a 47-mid split, Biedermann’s been 47.5, and Markus Deibler has split 48.0. Between Fildebrandt, Steffen Deibler, Starke, and Dimitri Colupaev they can get under 3:12.

Reply to  Kirt
8 years ago


Actually Cielo already went 47 flat on relay.. (if he is not the opening leg). The other 3 guys went 48.7 already flat start. Brazil will have another “trial” to see who will be on the relay on a week.

Probably all three legs could go as low as 48 flat (not lower I Think) and Cielo can open with a 47 mid-high.

Potentially we have 5 teams that can go sub 3:12, USA, France, Brazil, Russia, and Australia that can go even sub 3:10. Maybe Italy but unlikelly. The thing is that this race will be HUGE (4×100 medley also will be amazing)

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