16-Year Old Igor Troyanovsky Swims 1:57 in 200 Fly at Ukrainian Nationals

2019 Ukraine Swimming Championships

  • April 23rd-26th, 2019
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • LCM (50m)
  • Live Results (Live Stream Links as well)

17-year old Igor Troyanovsky had another breakthrough swim on day 1 of the 2019 Ukraine Swimming Championships.

He swam a 1:57.78 to win the men’s 200 fly ahead of the 2018 European Junior bronze medalist Denis Kisel (1:58.30). Not only was this a significant upset for the 16-year old Troyanovsky, but it was his first time to break 2 minutes in the event.

His old personal best was 2:01.41, which was set in the semi-finals of those same European Junior Championships last year, where Troyanovsky was unable to advance to the final. His old best swim was the Ukrainian “childrens” National Record (16 & under based on age at December 31st). He’s now aged out of that category, but he and Kisel, both teenagers, are marching toward one of the older Ukranian National Records at the senior level: Denys Sylantyev’s 1:55.42 from the 2002 European Championships.

Troyansky doesn’t turn 17 until August.

The first day’s open championships were a mix of veterans and juniors. Among the other young winners was 14-year old Karyna Snitko, who won the women’s 400 free in 4:21.33 – her best time by 4 seconds. Shortly thereafter the youngest winner of the day came the oldest: veteran Sergey Frolov won the men’s 400 free running away, by a 3-second margin, in 3:51.96. He was a second-and-a-half faster at this meet last season.

National Record holder Mykhalo Romanchuk did not swim the 400.

Other Day 1 Winners:

  • In the absence of National Recocrd holder Andrei Govorov, the win in the men’s 50 free went to Sergey Shevtsov, who won in 22.49. That was short of his season best of 22.40, but is faster than he was in all of 2018 (22.59).
  • Irina Pikiner won the women’s 50 free in 25.91. This was her 3rd-straight title in the 50 free, though it was her slowest swim of those 3 victories.
  • Daryna Zevina won the women’s 50 back in 28.88. That put her about 6-tenths short of her own National Record of 28.29 that was set in 2017.
  • Dmitry Drobnich won the men’s 50 back in 25.86.
  • Teenager Julia Stadnik (born 2000) dominated the women’s 200 fly in 2:15.94. That was short of her best time in the event, but did give her a 2nd-straight national title.
  • Moldova’s Tatyana Chisa won the women’s 100 breaststroke in 1:09.72. She’s one of a handful of Moldovan swimmers at the meet; she just-missed her Moldovan Record of 1:09.31 that she set at last summer’s European Championships. The top Ukrainian finishers were 14-year old Vasilisa Horelova in 1:11.62 and 13-year old Kamila Isaev in 1:12.20. They both swim for the same club (as do 4 of the top 7 overall finishers).
  • Ivan Strilets won the men’s 100 breaststroke in 1:02.18, just out-touching runner-up Mykyta Koptyelov (1:02.36).

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3 years ago

En passant, Sylantyev was a fantastic flyer, with the misfortune to swim vs Crocker and Phelps.
At the WCs2003 in Barcelona, protagonist that trio, semifinals and final of the 100 fly were simply superbe.

The Ready Room
3 years ago

Is he 16 or 17?

Reply to  The Ready Room
3 years ago

16 as it says in the article. in pretty much all european countries age groups work like this;
the age is assumed solely on your year of birth, not your actual birthday. So everybody is treated like their birthday would be on 1st of january.

Its pretty stupid bc studies in different sports habe shown that when age groups are definied like this people who are born later in the year are at a significant disadvantage. For example, participants of junior wc and such are more likely to have their bday in the earlier months of the year. Iirc its called the relative age effect

Small bird
3 years ago

What did Phelps go at 16/17

Reply to  Small bird
3 years ago

Phelps broke the 200 LCM fly WR at age 15 years 9 months at the 2001 WCs. His time was 1:54.92

A few months later after he turned 16, he broke his WR in a 1:54.58

Reply to  marklewis
3 years ago

Small correction; first Phelps WR at 15 years and 9 months was swum at the Austin meet. A few months later, at the WCs 2001in Fukuoka (what a fascinating WCs they was, with a lot of great names), he won his first gold medal improving his WR at 1.54.58.

Reply to  Small bird
3 years ago

At 17, he went 1:53.9 at the 2003 World Champs.

3 years ago

The host city is Kharkiv.

3 years ago

Was Romanchuk in the 400?

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

Is he racing at all? Or has he already qualified for Worlds by some other selection criteria?

3 years ago

Well that’s one way to get clicks…

3 years ago

On par with the US lads… faster than the Aussies with 2.00 times. Awesome effort. Jon Sieben went 1.57.04 at 84 Olympics as 17 yr old… just saying..

JP input is too short
3 years ago

Whoa! Whoa! Typo double-take!

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