What if Swimmers Brawled like the football players at Super Bowl 49?

“What do you think our coach would do if we started fighting with our rival team at the end of conference meet?”


How to Hyper-Streamline in Swimming instead of a Simple Streamline (VIDEO)

“The best streamline swimming position has become a center for controversy in swimming…”


9 Things You Know to Be True If You Started Swimming Later than Everyone Else

#4 – You realize your talent won’t get you to your goal, and you start working your butt off.


Morning Swim Practice – The 50 Meter Jungle

It’s a Friday morning in January. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s been a long week at work, and an even…


5 Things Every Tall Swimmer Hears

6-time Olympic medalist Matt Grevers, aka The Gentle Giant, is 6 feet 9 inches tall.


Braun and Friends Take Down Three Masters Relay Records at Sunbelt Championships

Charlotte, North Carolina – United States Masters Swimming (USMS) sprinting powerhouse, Erika Braun, did her thing again this past weekend,…

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Making a Living through Swimming

Do you love coaching? Do you wish you could use your expertise to make a substantial living? Are you ready to take the next step for your professional career?


What does the perfect Swimmer’s Groundhog Day look like for you?

“At the end of one of my favorite movies, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character finally lives the perfect day. After repeating Feb 2nd innumerable times, he eventually makes each day a masterpiece by developing his talents and hobbies to the fullest potential…”

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4 Reasons why the 100 IM should be offered at swim meets

The 100 IM is a race many swimmers would love to have!


FINA Announces Qualifying Times for 2015 World Masters Championships

FINA has approved time standards and events for the 2015 World Masters’ Championships that will be held from August 10th…


Why Coupling Motions Boost Distance Per Stroke

Have you ever noticed that leaner men or women often swim faster than bigger, stronger men or women?


How to Position Your Feet for Swimming Starts – Video Feature

In this Race Club #swimisode, Coach Gary Hall teaches the proper distance one should maintain between feet both side to side and back to front on the modern swimming starting block.

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6 Ways to Get the Most from Your Swimmers

Motivating Boys vs. Girls: Six Ways to Get the Most from Your Swimmers


5 Quotes To Help You Stay Swimming Tough

“Here are 5 of our favorite quotes that can serve as a boost during a painful sprint set, or a mantra to get you through a seemingly endless distance workout.”

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