Race Video: Michael Andrew 100 Yard Fly 13-14 NAG Record, 47.23

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Michael Andrew continues to impress. 100 butterfly has become one of his swimfan favorites.  Many in the swimming community love to pick apart his strokes in these NAG race videos, but butterfly has most remaining silent.

With 47.23 in the 100 yard butterfly, Michael pulls within .13 of the 15-16 National Age Group Record, a record he’ll have over two years to challenge. That one currently sits at 47.10, belonging to Michael-Phelps-nemesis Milorad Cavic.

Of the 5 fastest times by a 13-14 boy in the 100 yard fly,  Andrew owns them all. The list:

1. Andrew 47.23

2. Andrew 47.40

3. Andrew – 47.47

4. Andrew – 48.40

5. Andrew – 48.78

You can follow Michael Andrew on Twitter here. 

USRPT info here.

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  1. BTH says:


    Not that this affects MA’s accomplishments in any way, just clarifying. 47.23 would be 5th on the 15-16 list (Valente at 46.99, Cavic, Phelps, Bubolz)

  2. YO says:

    He was circle swimming like crazy. Probably could have gone faster if he stayed on one side of the lane. Also, it looked like he died right before the turn at the 75. But still, out in a 21! Wow that is crazy fast!

    • coacherik says:

      3.75 fade is a little on the high side, but not tragic. If that’s the fastest he is ever been out in, the 2nd 50 should be coming along soon.

      What I was more surprised to see was how wide a part his hands are underwater. Not arguing good or bad here… Clearly strong enough to hold the catch through that, just something I hadn’t seen before in any of his videos.

      His circle swim looks to me like result from his more rounded turns, meaning throwing to the side versus straight back. If the athlete can control his body, its an incredibly fast turn, used by many BR at the upper level. His turns are fast, hard to argue with the small deviation when his open turns are 1.0ish seconds, hand touch to foot leave.

      • sven says:

        I noticed his entry looks a bit wide, but I don’t think the entry itself necessarily has to be shoulder width, and I’d certainly prefer too wide an entry to too narrow.

        In one of his seminars on butterfly technique and race trends, Russell Mark talks about the path the hands follow among national level butterfliers. Through his analysis of tons of footage, he said the only really significant correlation he could find between hand path and technique was the depth of the press during hand entry.

        For example, Phelps’ press is crazy deep, and his fingertips almost touch under his body as he pulls. The swimmers with a more shallow press tended to pull straight back after the catch. I figured that race distance would factor in, but according to Russell, there were 200 butterfliers who pulled straight back and 50/100 butterfliers who did the more “keyhole” shaped pull. The reverse was also true.

        So with the way Rushall recommends that butterfly be swam (flatter, all emphasis placed on moving forward while minimizing vertical movement), it kind of makes sense that Michael has a bit wider of a pull than usual.

  3. Kevin T says:

    Didn’t he swim just this past weekend in an LCM meet in Florida? I haven’t heard of any results yet. So I am assuming nothing great happened? But I don’t want to assume because we know what assume means.

    • bobo gigi says:

      No he didn’t swim in long course.
      He swam again in yards.
      And next week he will swim at the NASA Elite Showcase Classic again in yards.
      The week he turns 15.
      It will be probably his last SCY meet of the season.

      • luigi says:

        I don’t understand. I have read posts from other readers of Swim Swam noting that last weekend he swam in Daytona long course (and that his times were slow). Now you are saying that he swam short course, but where and when? the video above is dated March 2014.

  4. Swimmerhannah says:

    Michael swam at our home meet, the DBS Open, which was a long course meet. It was a small meet. He only came to break some records before he ages up. He told us that he IS moving down to Florida within the next year.
    Not sure if he broke any records but he and his father were a joy to talk too. Great family! And he did swim fast!!!

    • bobo gigi says:

      Thanks for the news.
      So he really swam in long course last weekend. And not in yards. So he didn’t break NAG records in SCY.
      Ok. That’s what I had understood first. :)

  5. mikal W. Grass says:

    The kid is quick, have to give credit where credit is due. My old brain doesn’t understand how he is able to race week in and week out and swim his best times. When does he have time to train?

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