Why Is Effective Scheduling Vital For Your Swimming Pools?

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August 12th, 2022 Industry, News

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As winter begins to melt away, it’s time to plan for the swimming pool season ahead! As you get set for your pool opening soon, it is essential to recreate a safe and memorable experience for your visitors. Two years ago, the pandemic brought the issue of safety and hygiene into sharp focus for facility managers. The situation may have evolved now, but you will need to maintain your focus on safety and hygiene as you prepare to open your swimming pool this season.

That said, you will also need to do a lot more to make sure your pool attracts more visitors throughout the summer! Your visitor experience, in particular, could help you deliver greater value and ensure your pool stands out from the crowd.

So how does efficient facility booking fit into this? Simply put, you can create dedicated slots for pool usage that can be easily booked by your members online. Enabling easy facility scheduling for your swimming pool is vital to ensure greater efficiency in managing your operations and also avoid the hassle of double booking.

For instance, manually handling facility reservations might test the scope of human error, leading to a higher likelihood of double bookings, irregular communication, and lower efficiency for your staff.

This is where facility scheduling software can make all the difference for your operations. With self-service bookings, your reservation process would shift online and visitors would be able to book the slots of their choice without the risk of double booking any slot.

Besides this immediate advantage, using facility scheduling software will help you level up the speed and quality of your operations significantly and make your community members happy!

So, How does Facility scheduling software help?

  1. Enhances Your Customer Experience
  2. Helps in Better Team Management

Let’s go in-depth to understand how facilities scheduling for your pool helps both your staff and members at the same time.

Enhances Your Customer Experience:

People want to enjoy their time in the pool, albeit with certain precautions. Preventive maintenance is only one side of the coin. To enhance customer experience and allow self-service or manage reservation status on the go, you need a cloud-based facilities management system to control the schedule, regulate pool slots, and even manage the number of people in one slot via capacity management.

Similarly, scheduling a buffer to sanitize your pool in between slots will help in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It creates a safer experience for your visitors and ensures your pool attracts more people over time.

Any visitor would like to know about your pool facility before visiting. This includes important details like the pool timings, charges, pictures, etc. Thus, having an online presence can increase your chances of getting noticed.

You can create a personalized booking site with Omnify, where you can post your entire pool schedule and design the page to fit your brand. You can add your logo, colors, pictures, and anything else to make your booking site unique to your business. And if you already have a website, then integrating your booking site is a quick and simple process!

A facility management software will also help you stay on top of your event schedules. You can also send visitors notifications reminding them of any forthcoming events or competitions that you may be organizing at the pool. With Omnify, the schedules are synced with Google Calendar when booking, ensuring a smooth experience for both the visitors and the pool staff.

Helps in Better Team Management

The right facility scheduling software can also help you manage your team. For instance, facility managers or event coordinators can assign a pool monitor to a particular slot or timing and minimize double bookings and other scheduling errors.

You can also use a facility scheduling software like Omnify that allows you to provide user access to your trainers. This will allow them to monitor reservation details, oversee user management, secure your payments, review weekly sales, etc. Similarly, tasks like cancellation, rescheduling, refunds, etc., can be easily managed from a single platform.

With precise planning, your staff can tackle specific problems effectively. It helps your pool patrons to coordinate better without any room for confusion. While your staff continues to work hard, Omnify’s solution can make scheduling much easier for your pool!

Transforming operations with Facility Scheduling Software by Omnify

1. The Drifter Hotel

The Drifter Hotel is a historic property located in New Orleans that invites its guests to celebrate ‘modernized nostalgia’ and mid-century individualism. The hotel has restaurants with hip cuisine and one-of-a-kind coffee. During the pandemic, their members-only pool needed to be operated in limited capacities while still keeping up their finances. Here’s how they used Omnify to optimize their operations:

“Omnify has helped streamline our needs from check-in to pool. With controlling capacity, member profiles, and member-only access, we could ensure that we are hitting all the requirements for our property to stay open and scale.”

– Anais Oddlokken, Manager – Operations, The Drifter Hotel

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2. Lakeside Swim Club

Lakeside Swim Club is a community facility located in Louisville, Kentucky. Established in 1924, the private club offers members a recreational space as well as a competitive arena designed for professional swim teams and Olympic swimmers. With its historic stature, Lakeside Swim Club has always prioritized delivering a memorable experience to its members and chose Omnify to improve their services. Here’s what they had to say about their experience with the platform:

“Omnify has been great for our facility. It is especially conducive for a facility like Lakeside Swim Club with multiple areas where reservations are needed. For us, Omnify has been relatively easy to navigate.”

– Elizabeth Buecker, Supervisor (Program), Lakeside Swim Club

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3. DSW 12 Darmstadt

Established in 1912, DSW 12 Darmstadt is a competitive sports club based in Germany. The club hosts facilities for various sports including volleyball, swimming, and other aquatic sporting events, with their members consistently competing in sporting events of the highest level. To maintain the highest standards of member experience for their 200-member strong swimming department, DSW 12 Darmstadt chose to work with Omnify. Here’s how their experience has been with the platform:

“Not only for the administrators but also for the members, Omnify has been fun to use. I get a lot of feedback from members who say it’s wonderful to have the possibility to book swim slots online!” 

– Mike Diergardt, DSW 12 Darmstadt

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