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7-time Olympic medalist Dana Vollmer dropped a 27.5 50 meter freestyle at the Mesa Pro Swim. She was very pregnant, over 6 months pregnant. Dana said she needs to stay connected to the water, the feel of it, maintaining her power and to simply keep her head in the game. Most of all, her Mesa appearance sounded like an opportunity to see her old Olympic teammates.

If you’ve been hiding under rock and haven’t heard the news, Dana’s having boy,  but this isn’t her first rodeo. Dana already has a son, Arlen.  She took an extended break with the birth of her first child, but she doesn’t plan to do that again. Dana likes the balance competitive swimming brings to her life.  Expect her to be back in the water soon.  I’m guessing she’ll race this summer, but it’ll be low-key, like the Mesa Pro Swim.  Dana said she’d like to be back in serious race-action by December of this year.

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Give it up. Nothing left to prove.


She’s not doing it to prove anything. She’s doing it for fun.


Being a professional swimmer, means making living of swimming, meaning making swimming a job. The job cannot be a fun. It can bring satisfaction, true, but not a fun. Otherwise it isn’t a job. If you have a fun then YOU have to pay for it. Not a vice versa.
It sounds like Dana Vollmer doesn’t know for sure what to do with her life if not swimming and being a mother of two boys doesn’t make much attraction to her.


Maybe you need to find a new job Prickle


Maybe I wasn’t lucky to meet people like you who has fun at work place. All people that I had chance to meet either hated their job or did it with great respect understanding its necessity and importance to somebody else or just completely didn’t care without any emotions and did it day by day like work horse because there was nothing else that they could fill their life with. Never seen the person who had fun from 9 to 5 five day a week. Are you a such one?

Lane Four

What are you talking about? That made no sense at all. So if I, as a professional composer, am having fun at my job, then it isn’t a job but a hobby and I am confused and should not be paid????
Secondly, what business is it of yours to make such a condemning statement that she does find satisfaction in being a mother? Who are YOU to make such a statement?


I’m nobody Lane Four. If you are not sure what a job definition is then read the the Book.
The Job is the Punishment for Mankind.
Genesis 3:17
“… Cursed is the ground because of you; In toil you will eat of it All the days of your life. ”
And to Woman: ” …I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth … ”
All these just for having fun.
If you Lane Four have fun when working then you don’t work hard, I think. Just having fun.
BTW, why is it Lane Four? Because you are the best in preliminary job?

Lane Four

Getting prickly, Prickle? And how dare you throw Bible quotes when all you did was condemn and judge a woman you have never met. I am finished with this so-called conversation. Take your hatred and judgment elsewhere.


So lane four, construction workers, bricklayers and those poor dudes that work in coal mines are having fun?
The purpose of a job is to put food on the table. Swimming is not a job. Just either a hubby or a career and I didn’t see any hate in prickles comments.




You are very misinformed. You can have a career in construction. I know them. The difference between just a job and a career is attitude and length of time spent in it. If you have just a job you are either a teenager or you need to reevaluate your life.


Man , U just have to find passion in your life again – your words are speaking so loudly about that lack . What do u feel about that ? U Seem to have never experienced 3 qualities at work in the same time – and thats called life that has a deeper meaning , either it be in swimming or anything else . You come too much from the mind – Dana cames form the heart – Huge difference to be noticed – therefore your nitty picky contrary comments . What ‘s your true passions ? how much time do u give them in a week time ? how du feel when u feel passionate ? does it give… Read more »


I really feel sorry for you. Perhaps you should reevaluate your life.


U sure do can put fun together , passion and a JOB ( but thats not a job anymore as u say ) – its a passion that turns your life filled with meaning .


It’s completely normal to have fun while working. Most swimmers get into the sport because they think it’s fun, why should that change just because they start making money from it?


Im starting to just downvote everything you say.


My job is fun. I meet a lot of different people and get to help them at the same time. Your last comment is very sexist. Did you feel the same way about David Plummer?


Wrong assumption mate – this is about balance , passion and love for swimming & life .


That’s not for you to decide. Did you say the same thing about Michael Phelps when he came back for Rio. Or David Plummer?


We’ve got to get thru 2018 Olympics first .What are they – 9 months away & all I read is nuclear war stuff , Armadas & THAAD .

Still , I like a bit of optimism to balance my morning . Tokyo is a go go!


Pyeonchang & Pyongyang are a bit too close .Already on IOC delegation went to the wrong one . SKorea & the IOC are gonna have some troubles with that .

Short of it all being nuked out , gotta think its going to be fun . Bets should be on for which team turns up at wrong place .

bobo gigi

Very good news for American swimming as they struggle to find new talents in the women’s 100 fly.
I wish her nothing but the best. Great challenge.

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