US National Team member Danielle Strader pursues new challenge in the pool

Danielle Strader-Bordi, Strader Aquatics. Twitter: @StraderAquatics

Danielle Strader-Bordi, Strader Aquatics. Twitter: @StraderAquatics

Strader Aquatics, based in Merchantville, New Jersey, is an Independent Distributor and Team Dealer representing A3 Performance and run by Danielle Strader-Bordi.

Danielle is a 13-time All-American from the University of Texas, a 3-time Olympic Trial Qualifier (’88, ’92, ’96), and a US National Junior Team member for 1989-1991. She was coached by an impressive array of coaches such as Richard Shoulberg, Jim Ellis, Dave Dahler, Jill Sterkel, and more. It’s safe to say that Danielle knows swimming. Danielle’s extensive and impressive background in the world of swimming has allowed her to continue her success in the sport as a swim-parent, coach, and independent business owner. Fueled by her passion for swimming and her busy lifestyle, Danielle and her husband started Strader Aquatics which permits Danielle to spend time with her family and on the pool deck around the sport she loves.

Danielle works extensively with diversity and minority opportunities in the sport of swimming, and she even started the Urban Swim Program with the help of her father. The program’s mission is to provide swim lessons in areas where children hadn’t otherwise had the chance, ultimately promoting a life-saving skill and feelings of achievement and self-empowerment in minority swimmers. The Urban Swim Program, relying heavily on donations, was how Danielle became familiar with A3 Performance. After reaching out to several brands, one of Danielle’s former coaches, Dan Meinholz, the President and CEO of A3 Performance, was the only one to respond. Extremely grateful for the donation and impressed by the products, Danielle was happy to reconnect with Dan and learn more about A3 Performance.

With having three children, ages 4, 7, and 9, Danielle was looking to get back to work. Her positive experience with A3 Performance pushed her to reach out to Dan, as she was hoping to promote A3 and build her own business. Shortly after, Danielle and her husband started Strader Aquatics, using her great and storied experiences as an elite swimmer and as a swim-mom to provide an exceptional level of service to teams on the east coast. Her knowledge of swimming, her partnership with A3 Performance, and her determined and charismatic nature have provided Danielle with all of the right tools to successfully run and build Strader Aquatics.

“I’ve been there and have experiences at almost all levels of swimming, even at some of the highest levels. I can relate to the athletes and I know how a suit should fit and how the goggles should feel. When I fit a team, I am coming from experience. Being a parent also helps. Swimming can be an expensive sport, and you want to get the right fit and the right product for you without breaking the bank, and I can help you do that.”

Danielle is having a great experience with A3 Performance and is enjoying her work with Strader Aquatics.

a3-square-5_logo“I like the quality and durability of the A3 products and I love working with swimmers and parents. Athletes want great products and parents want great prices and that’s A3. I am excited to build Strader Aquatics on service and experience you will not find anywhere else.”

To learn more about Danielle and Strader Aquatics, follow them on Facebook: or contact them at: [email protected] or (856)-986-2659

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