Three Swim 25.1 Miles From Catalina Island To San Pedro, CA For Charity

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September 28th, 2021 News

Courtesy: Carlos Sixto Bravo

Two siblings and a childhood friend swam 25.1 miles from Catalina Island to San Pedro, CA for charity on September 25.

Ocean Fever, a non-profit from Hermosa Beach, raises awareness through open water swimming. All proceeds from the sponsorship go toward teen mental health services, and the program is called “YOU ARE ENOUGH.”  This is their impressive curriculum vitae.

Abigail Fedalizo has been swimming since she was five years old, swam the Dwight Crum pier to pier race at 12 years of age, and is currently a full-time lifeguard in Huntington Beach, CA.  She has been the captain of the water polo team at San Pedro High School since she was a sophomore. Abigail and her brother, Bali, were the youngest to ever win the Herbalife Los Angeles Olympic Triathlon in 2014.

Bali Fedalizo was the youngest swimmer ever to complete the Dwight Crum Pier to Pier race at 10 years old in 2017.  He is a mixed martial arts competitor, currently fighting out of Journey’s fighting club in San Pedro with a 7-3 record. Bali plays on the varsity football team at San Pedro High school and is a Life Scout for the Boys Scout troop 854 and has the Red Cross Lifesaver Award for saving a 14-year-old from drowning.

Rylee Kahealani Nakayama is a junior student at Ambassador Christian high school in Torrance, CA. She is one of the captains of the volleyball team, and is coming off a swimming milestone. She came in first place in the National Iron woman Surf ski competition at the 2021 USLA Championship and won the State Championship at San Padre Island, Texas. Rylee currently competes in Open Ocean swims and is looking forward to raising money for teen mental health.

Fun fact: Rylee is known in the swim community for chasing down dolphins when she swims, catching them to pet. After this challenge, Rylee will be joining Abigail in being a full-time lifeguard at a beach near you.

The Three Amigos of swim believe individually they can be faster, but together can go further. Catalina Island and raising funds for “YOU ARE ENOUGH” was their goal and they achieved it.

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