SwimTopia Presents: Volunteer Management Without The Hassle

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February 06th, 2023 Industry, News

Courtesy of SwimTopia, a SwimSwam partner.

SwimTopia is comprised of former and current swim parents. We know the strains of summer swim team, particularly the demand on parent volunteers. It’s hard to wrangle volunteers and even harder to corral them on meet day. This is why, working from personal experience, SwimTopia seeks to make volunteer management as painless as possible. We want parents to focus on what’s really important- cheering on and supporting their kiddos!

SwimTopia’s top volunteer management features include:

  • Job templates: create sign-up templates that can be copied from meet to meet (tweaked as needed) to save you set up time. Templates are easily attached to scheduled meets or social events, complete with job descriptions, available shifts, and volunteer points associated with each position
  • Registration sign-up: allow parents to either sign up for jobs at specific meets/events during their team registration or indicate preferred positions (please note: job sign up is also available during meet sign-up week by week in season)
  • Reporting & Communication: draw reports on parents’ volunteer history, communicate with those signed up to work specific meets or those who have not yet signed up

Click here to download our volunteer e-book to learn SwimTopia’s tried and true volunteer management tips!

If you would like to learn more about our volunteer management features, we’d love to hear from you! Find out how SwimTopia can make your summer swim season smoother than ever before by calling our sales team at (877) 856 2940 ext. 1 or visiting our site here.


“SwimTopia streamlined our entire league and made registration, parent communications, volunteer sign ups, planning meets and sharing results so easy! Our first season with it was a HUGE SUCCESS!” -Nicole Johnson, Lakewood Lasers




SwimTopia, launched in 2011, has become a team management mainstay in the summer recreational market. Known for its user-centric interface, robust arsenal of features, and learnability, SwimTopia has made running swim teams as simple as possible. The features suite includes: registration, communications, team store capabilities, meet and volunteer sign up, and reporting. 

SwimTopia’s meet management solution Meet Maestro has the same fluid functionality and is included with every SwimTopia account. Meet Maestro makes it easy to create swim meets, create entries, and seamlessly run meets through a browser. In tandem with SwimTopia’s mobile app, users can receive updates for “favorite” swimmers, view live results, receive swim reminders and results notifications, and see an overview of their family’s account (with best times, volunteer points, and more).

Receptive and adaptive, SwimTopia’s “customer first” mentality has helped the company grow to benefit the swim team market. Find out if SwimTopia is a fit for you! Start a free trial here or request a live features demo here.

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