St. John’s Legends Swim Club Coach Aaron Dahl Suspended

St. John’s Legends Swim Club head coach Aaron Dahl has been suspended for an incident which was alcohol-related, according to an internal announcement sent out to team membership, CBC News is reporting.

Dahl is a heavy figure in Island Swimming; he’s a former Associate Director of Island Swimming, one of Canada’s most famous club programs, and head coach of the Victoria Amateur Swimming Club.

Dahl was hired by the club in September. That announcement, which can be seen here, hailed Dahl as being “highly regarded in Canada’s  Swimming [sic] community as one of Canada’s leading age group coaches.”

“Aaron has made a life decision to move to St. John’s where he will become the Director of Swimming and Head Coach of our club,” the announcement continued.

His resume includes being named the Swimming Canada Youth Male Coach of the Year in 2011 and 2012, and the Swimming Canada Junior Male Coach of the Year in 2012, and he also coached 2012 Olympian Alec Page.

The announcement of Dahl’s suspension said that the issue was still being investigated, but that no swimmers or other coaches were involved.

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7 years ago

Please tell me a ‘screech-in’ was involved. If you haven’t been initiated, it’s a Newfoundland-rum-inspired ceremony of sorts, where mainlanders have to drink some screech and kiss a suitably ugly fish. Oh and speak some Newfie jibberish along the lines of: ‘ye a screecher?’ ‘indeed I is me old cock, and long may yer jib draw’….or something like that. Some amount of creepy advances from lonely old fishermen may ensue, regardless of gender. Ya, I know….things to never do again.

Reply to  Peterdavis
7 years ago

Wow, where do I start… Your on his side? My advice, though it sounds like you jump to misinformed conclusions as a way of life, is to save your disparaging cultural remarks; just makes you look dumb. Once you hear the truth I am sure no apology will follow and your misconceptions of other parts of the world will still guide all of your moronic thought. The coach screwed up and, in a big way. The comment from Swimmer 1 regarding ‘ once a time bomb…’ is disturbing as it shows, maybe a second chance was granted that might not have been appropriate. Good news for the coach, looks like he will always have a job in your program and… Read more »

7 years ago

I’d drink too. No disrespect intended for what I assume are fine folks running the st. johns legends swim team but can you imagine one day training olympians preparing for london based in canada’s swimming mecca then the next finding yourself five time zones away. Until the facts come out I’m on his side.

Reply to  marley09
7 years ago

there is no way someone gets sent out that far away from one of the best swim programs if there isn’t more to it… its about something happened to this guy

7 years ago

Once a time bomb, always a time bomb. This is not the first time that he has been reprimanded for his actions. But hopefully it will be the last. Marley09 ask yourself, why would he leave such a wonderful program and move across the country if there was nothing in his past.

Reply to  SWIMMER 1
7 years ago

It does smell bad.

Reply to  SWIMMER 1
7 years ago

what actions was he reprimanded for the first time?

7 years ago

Never assume u actually have a clue about what’s going on behind closed doors. Some ppl just think because they excel at some things that the rules don’t apply to them for other things. Maybe he should have thought about the other things/ppl in his life before he went ahead and threw most of it away making irresponsible choices that reflect on others just as much as himself. Selfish is what he is

7 years ago


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