SPIRE Commits To Uninterrupted Competition With College Time Out Program

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July 23rd, 2020 Club, Industry, News, Training

With growing uncertainty about current and future restrictions as a result of COVID-19, many swimmers are wondering if there is anything in place to allow them to continue their development and training. SPIRE Institute & Academy (IA) is excited to offer the College Time Out Program, designed for swimmers in the suspended 2020–2021 college program.

This will allow athletes to stay on campus and take advantage of a customized training program, so their development won’t stall. Access to SPIRE facilities will be available to those participating, providing students the means to train in their state-of-the-art swimming facilities. They expect to have enough players participating to arrange plenty of competitive meets, so athletes can still put their skills training and discipline to the test. Not only will this provide a fun, healthily competitive outlet, but it will allow each swimmer to have routine ways to identify the things they need to focus on in practice.

Full potential cannot be achieved with physical training alone, which is why SPIRE’s non-athletic facilities will be available as part of this program as well. Mental skills training, nutrition education and plenty of other offerings will be available to help students continue the development of their character, leadership and communication skills. This curriculum will come together with athletics to give every student the uncompromised training they’ve come to expect from SPIRE.

Housing will be provided, and three nutritious meals a day will be served at SPIRE Fuel, the on-campus, nutrition-focused dining area. SPIRE Swimming performance training coaches are standing by and ready to go. Academic counselors are available to assist each student athlete, as appropriate, with their virtual/distance learning collegiate courses. Throughout all of this, stringent COVID-19 guidelines will be followed across the entire campus to ensure the SPIRE experience is as safe and healthy as possible for students and staff alike.

Below are some additional highlights about SPIRE IA and the College Time Out Program. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

SPIRE Collegiate Time Out Program – Additional Highlights

  • SPIRE’s campus is located in Geneva, Ohio about 40 minutes east of Cleveland
  • This program is offered by the week, the month, or by one or two semesters
  • Practice will run 4.5-5 hours per day including swimming, dryland and weights
  • SPIRE’s Performance Training Center is an integral component of this program
  • SPIRE is under new ownership since Dec 2019, and the positive change on campus has been immediate and significant
  • College coaches are welcomed to interact with their players and our coaches, as appropriate (i.e. as allowed by the NCAA)
  • SPIRE is building a new website; phase 1 is up now; phase 2 will be up by mid-August
  • Contact SPIRE at [email protected] for info on housing options and program pricing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced institutions such as SPIRE to drastically rethink their operations. Like their motivated athletes, they will adapt and push forward so they can continue to provide elite training to every student.

For more information on SPIRE Academy swimming programs, contact Director of Admissions Brian Oliver, [email protected] or visit the website www.spireinstitute.org/academy to download the Admissions Guide.

Swimming news is courtesy of SPIRE, a SwimSwam partner. 

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