Saline HS Re-Orders 200 Medley for Finals; Rebreaks National Record

A four-second advantage on the field. A National Public High School Record. Saline High School was on-fire in prelims of the Michigan Division 1 State Championship meet. But do you know why Todd Brunty is the defending state coach of the year? Because he was still thinking, his wheels were still turning, he was still saying “what if?” in his head.

He took a bit of a gamble and, using the same four swimmers, switched his relay order for finals. Specifically, he moved Michael Bundas to the butterfly leg and Adam Whitener to the freestyle leg.

The result was another National Public High School Record with a 1:30.01, clearing their 1:30.26 from Friday. The old record belonged to Hersey High School, including David Nolan and Sean Grier, in 1:30.27.

The comparative splits between prelims and finals:

Prelims – Boland 22.80 – Ehrman 25.09 – Whitener 21.58 – Bundas 20.79: 1:30.26
Finals – Boland 22.75 – Ehrman 25.20 – Bundas 22.19 – Whitener 19.87: 1:30.01

The front-half of this relay was about the same as they were in prelims, with David Boland (Louisville-bound) and Josh Ehrman (Purdue-bound) setting themselves up for some big opportunities in their individual races. Bundas, who is hoping for an appointment to the Naval Academy next season, was very good to hold down a 22.1 in the butterfly leg, which allowed Whitener to anchor in an incredible 19.87. That 19.87 was the difference-maker.

Whitener’s speed will do him very well at Virginia next season, where the Cavaliers are graduating their best, Tom Barrett, after this season.

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