How Ryan Lochte Trains At SwimMAC: Gold Medal Minute presented


David Marsh, SwimMAC CEO & Head Coach (courtesy of Mike Lewis,

David Marsh, SwimMAC CEO & Head Coach (courtesy of Mike Lewis,

11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte guns for speed on his fourth run at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Lochte has amassed an enormous base of training under Coach Gregg Troy at the University of Florida, and he’s shown speed, but his training was geared for the 400 IM. The speed we witnessed was evidence of an extraordinarily talented swimmer (and coach Troy’s ability to push Lochte’s very broad limits).  Lochte’s move to SwimMAC Team Elite in Charlotte, North Carolina is calculated, a shift in focus to 100 and 200 meter races only. Lochte made the move after watching his friend and Olympic peer Cullen Jones develop into a 4-time Olympic medalist in the sprint freestyle events.

Under SwimMAC CEO and Head Coach David Marsh, Lochte has been drilling-down on his explosive power. Coach Marsh is famous for making slight changes and tiny tweaks to squeeze every ounce of power from a swimmer’s stroke. Lochte’s already opening up his freestyle a bit more, going over-the-barrel as Marsh would say.  You can expect to see more tweaks in breaststroke and backstroke over 2014 and 2015.

Coach Marsh will be the first to say his training method for truly professional elites like Lochte isn’t ideal without the time, effort and energy their coaches invested developing their bases over many, many years.  It’s a two-coach effort. Several coaches are now collaborating with Marsh, sending elite college swimmers to SwimMAC for the summer season.  Some elites, like Tyler Clary,  are adopting a two-coach effort. Marsh will guide most of the speed and power work for the 2012 200 backstroke gold medalist, while Clary’s coach in Michigan, Mike Bottom, will manage pockets of the season scheduled for base-work and threshold training.

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Sounds like the guy is reinvigorated and hungrier than ever as a result. Glad to see he is getting to the more cerebral side of the sport, we could see some amazing things out of the old man… Looking forward to it!

Law Dawg

Maybe it was just me, but I heard a lot of jabs at Greg Troy in Lochte’s interview. “It’s not garbage”. “I actually have to think.” “I’ve swam up and down the pool for a long time.” It makes a person wonder, would Lochte be much faster if he had made the switch years ago? More importantly, will Mr. Dressel be able to thrive in Florida or will he be bogged down by all the yardage?

Law Dawg – it’s really interesting because Conor Dwyer has made a lot of similar comments since leaving Lochte. My instinct from seeing what Troy’s teams have done in-season more recently is that his yardage level has come down, but I don’t have those hard facts (will try and ask that at NCAA’s if we get the opportunity).

It may depend a lot on what Dressel’s focus ends up being. Afteral, it worked for deBorde, but he stayed true to the sprints whereas Dressel talked about trying other events.


I am a former Florida swimmer under Gregg troy and I have stayed close with Gregg troy over the past couple of years. He has actually dramatically increased the yardage this year and it has really paid off. I’m unsure where the rumor started of him decreasing yardage but that is far from the truth. As you can see, however, it’s really paid off for his swimmers.

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