Ricky Berens, 200 Free Winner, 1:47.32

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bobo gigi
4 years 5 months ago

Great swim for him. But I don’t see him in the top 2 in the 200 free at trials. He has improved his underwaters and he has now a good easy speed. I think for an individual spot the 100 free is good for him. Behind Nathan Adrian it’s very open in USA. And Ricky Berens will be a major piece of the 2 free relays.

Jean Michel
4 years 5 months ago

It will be a great 200 free at trials ! Ricky has been consistent on 100 and 200 free since 2011 . He will be very important for the relays , specially the 800 free relay and why not the 400 free relay .

4 years 5 months ago

Judging from his other interviews, it seems that he may have already given up on an individual spot. He’s looking good right now, but he is ACTUALLY looking at a 3 second drop to even attempt any sort of an upset.

The good news is that he is less than a second off his textile best, and if he can break into 145s, that is probably enough to solidify Gold for the US 4×200. I’m very interested in whether he can go sub49 tonight. Technically speaking the 2nd spot in the 100free is quite open behind Adrian. In the US, objectively speaking we have Adrian, Phelps as 48.0 and under swimmers; Lochte and Lezak who are 48mid swimmers; GWG who is somewhere in between those groups depending on the day; and a host of 48high,49.0 swimmers including Walters, Grevers, Feigen, Berens, Robison et al.

IMO, the only swimmer from the last group that I could actually see dropping to the sub48s is Berens. If he is able to go sub49 tonight, it would truly confirm my suspicions. As well, I suspect that the top6 cut off at US trials will probably be just as fast as it was in Australia. I also suspect that to make the individual spot, you really need to be at least 48.1 or 48.2, if Berens is able to go sub49 tonight, I would feel that it would put him in direct conflict with GWG for that 2nd individual spot.


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