Queens 400 Medley Closes Out Night 2 with new DII NCAA Record

by Max Mitchell 9

March 12th, 2015 College, NCAA Division II

Queens continued it’s day 2 dominance ending night two with a new 400 medley relay record.  The team of John Suther, Nic Eriksson, Matthew Josa, and Benjamin Taylor combined to swim a 3:08.07 breaking their record from prelims by 1.6 seconds.  The time by the Queens quartet would have qualified the Royals for the D1 NCAA championships hosted in Iowa in a two weekends.

Comparative Splits

  • Queens, 2014 (Phelps,Eriksson, Josa, Kosater)- 49.30/52.42/45.46/43.92 = 3:11.10
  • Queens, 2015 (Suther, Eriksson, Josa, Phelps)- 48.06/52.94/45.19/43.53 = 3:09.72
  • Queens, 2015 (Suther, Eriksson, Josa, Taylor)- 48.49/ 52.07/ 44.24/ 43.27 = 3:08.07

While Suther could not match his lead off from the morning Eriksson and Josa made up more than enough ground the middle 200 combining for 1:36.31 to give Taylor open water to close out the night for the quartet from North Carolina.

By our count this is Josa’s first relay he has swum for Queens leaving the 400 and 800 free relays on the last two nights for the Queens star.  Unless the 200 medley is to count against Josa expect for the 200 butterfly record of Jun Han Kim set in 2011 to be on notice tomorrow night.


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5 years ago

I.. I don’t know what to say about that fly split. That is just some pure insanity to have that within a D2 competition. Expect possible 1:40 or sub for the 200 fly tommorow?

Reply to  monsterbasher
5 years ago

everyone really needs to stop saying “how fast it is for, D2”.

D2 is getting faster. simple as that. There are great coaches in D2 too, as well as great programs.

Reply to  SOCAL GUY
5 years ago

Look at the D2 records. Look at the D2 All-American times. Look at the D2 NCAA invite times. Look at the D2 conference champs. Look at average D2 scholarship swimmers times. Look at D2 school’s records.

It’s not an insult to say D2 is slower than D1 … it’s a fact.

That said, Josa is just plain fast, for any level. The meet he’s putting together is impressive.

Reply to  d2fan
5 years ago

Everyone knows that D 1 is faster than D 2, but a lot of people have no idea how fast the swimming in D 2 actually is. Yes, Josa is a stud, but there are a lot of others extremely fast D 2 swimmers.

A lot of high school swimmers say they want to go D 1. A 24/52 high school female freestyler might say that she wants to go D 1, but doesn’t really realize that she’d get smoked at the D 2 level.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
5 years ago

Art – the reason that a 24/52 high school female freestyler might not realize that she’d get smoked at the D2 level is that most of the really fast D2 swimmers are basically as fast as they were when they got there. Queens is an exception because they’re basically an extension to provide training scholarships to SwimMAC swimmers, but most of these fast swimmers are just foreigners who improve simply by becoming more accustomed to short course yards swimming.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
5 years ago

“fast swimming” not the same as “good coaching”….

You couldn’t be further from the truth. Go back and check the incoming times of quite a bit of these student-athletes versus where they are now. There’s a lot of GREAT coaching going on at this level that gets overlooked and/or no respect because “well, D1 is better”….

Reply to  monsterbasher
5 years ago

He’ll be fast, but I think that’s pushing it haha. His 100 fly is definitely the better of the two. I could see a 1:42 or even high 1:41 though.

5 years ago

Is Drury in trouble?

5 years ago

I truly think that Matt Josa’s butterfly was physically faster than the freestyle leg. Three open turns easily add up to a second difference