Nine Proposals On The Docket For D2 & D3 Members At 2022 NCAA Convention

The 2022 NCAA Convention is set to take place in Indianapolis Jan. 19-22, with several key items on the agenda including the reimagining of the future of collegiate athletics and the anticipated rewriting of Division I rules following expected changes to the NCAA Constitution.

The Board of Governors is also expected to discuss the NCAA transgender policy during its meeting on January 20.

Regarding legislative proposals, Division II and Division III members will vote on nine apiece, both scheduled for Jan. 22, while Division I will have four on Jan. 19.

The most noteworthy proposal from a swimming & diving perspective is an amendment to the transfer legislation in Division II, which would have, if adopted, an immediate effective date for student-athletes transferring for the 2022-23 academic year.

If adopted, it would result in the following:

  • Student-athlete must complete an educational module related to transferring before the school may enter their info into the transfer portal.
  • Eliminate the previous school’s ability to object to the use of the one-time transfer exception.
  • Require the certifying head coach and student-athlete to certify in writing that they had no contact with the student-athlete (and family) without obtaining authorization through the notification of the transfer process.
  • June 15 would be the established date by which a student-athlete must provide written notification of transfer to the school in order to use the one-time transfer exception. (The one-time transfer exception allows athlete’s immediate eligibility after transferring, rather thahn having to sit out a season.)
  • Permit schools to reduce or cancel an athletics aid agreement previously signed for the next academic year if a student-athlete requests to enter the transfer portal (it would remain impermissible to reduce/cancel during the academic year).

There is also a protocol on the docket that would broaden D2’s options regarding emergency legislation, resolutions and special conventions, allowing the division to have a greater ability to respond to challenges similar to those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One proposal up for voting across all three divisions is to eliminate the options for a student-athlete (or prospective student-athlete) to sign a written release declining the sickle cell solubility test before participating in athletically related activities.

The majority of the other proposals across the divisions relate specifically to certain sports, namely football and basketball. You can find a full list of proposals on each division’s agenda below.

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