Video: How To Be A Better IM’er Than Katinka Hosszu

While it essentially still contains all of the same elements of swimming individual strokes, swimming Individual Medley events is an entirely new monster to tackle.


Carbon Series Powering Up The World’s Best Athletes With Color

Global water instinct brand arena known, for making bold statements with eye catching and podium topping technical racing suits, releases 12 new limited edition Powerskin Carbon Series colors that continue to advance the appearance of elite competitive swimming from a sea of black to an explosion of self-expression and stand-out performances.

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TYR Sport Signs Two-Time Olympic Medalist Leah Smith

TYR Sport, the leading manufacturer of competitive swim and triathlon gear, is proud to announce the signing of 2x Olympic medalist Leah Smith to its roster of sponsored athletes.


AASF Fires Back: Barelli Has “No Comprehension” of FINA Constitution

“Do we wish to elect an insecure person and one who has no comprehension of the FINA Constitution to lead us in FINA?” -Virendra Nanavati


Kara Lynn Joyce Releases 1st E-Book: Developing A Championship Mindset

Kara Lynn Joyce Releases First E-Book: Developing a Championship Mindset
E-book will be the first in The LEAD Series, a collection of ebooks inspired by the LEAD Sports Summit


Adidas Launches 5 Distinct Goggle Designs Catering To All Swimmers

adidas has unveiled its latest range of swim goggles. The new Persistar range is a cutting-edge collection of five distinct goggle designs, created for all athletes and environments.

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Suit Up Nonprofit Helps To Reduce Risk Of Childhood Drowning

Cameron Balkom is the founder of Suit Up, a nonprofit student organization in Houston, Texas.


Barelli to CANA: “who is promising indiscriminate cash for votes?”

“I see that in an awkward attempt to play catch up with the proposals I included in my Manifesto the letter sent few days ago by CANA leaders promises indiscriminately $ 15,000 to each Federation. I am truly pleased to see this sudden change of direction but then I wonder: who is it that is promising indiscriminate cash for votes?” -Paolo Barelli


IOC Refuses to Assist Rio With Additional $35-40 Million Olympic Debt

Last summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil were expensive. Like, 13.1-billion-dollars-expensive. The IOC, however, claims to have contributed $1.53 billion to the Rio Games already, and has “closed all its obligations with the organizing committee.”


Barelli Accuses AASF of Political Interference & Shadowy Figures

“My point of view on this matter is very clear: the lack of good governance within FINA is indeed the reason that led me to put forward my candidacy to the Presidency of FINA.” -Paolo Barelli


Smack Swim Strap Equals Swim Goggle Comfort

Goggles are an essential part of all competitive swimmers equipment but often if the straps are too tight or after an extended period of wearing them they can cause “swim goggle headache”.


Asia, Africa Sign Up in Support of Julio Maglione in FINA Fight

The Asian Swimming Federation (AASF) and the African Swimming Federation (CANA) published letters in favor of Julio Maglione for a third term as President of FINA.


242 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 952 Swim Jobs listed.

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Penny Oleksiak Signs Four-Year Partnership With ASICS Canada

2016 Olympic gold medalist Penny Oleksiak has signed a four-year partnership deal with ASICS Canada.


FINA President Writes Letter Detailing Federation Progress Since 2013

Incumbent FINA President Julio Maglione wrote a letter this week laying out what he sees as the federation’s biggest accomplishments of his latest four-year term in office. The letter mirrors Maglione’s four-year report presented to FINA’s General Congress and comes in the leadup to this month’s election in which Maglione will seek a third term.