FINA has made official the entries of 899 out of the 900 swimmers that are to be flying to London at the end of July to participate in pool swimming.

The lone holdout for the 900 strong field: Uzbekistan’s Ranohon Amanova in the women’s 400 free, which makes her the only unconfirmed Olympic swimmer as of 3 PM Swiss Time on Friday.

See here for lists of all entries, though not in any sort of usable order. There is still an outside possibility that one or two more spots could open up; for example, assuming the entire American team makes it through the camp in Knoxville safely, Scot Robison will likely be dropped from the list of “relay-only” swimmers, and another spot would open up.

Other than something like that, however, the Olympic field is set. The lists on FINA’s website only includes entries that have been confirmed by federations, so this is as close as we’ll get to “psych sheets” until “psych sheets” come out. The only caveat would be additional entries from swimmers who have achieved OQT’s (A-times), and are choosing to swim “B-time” races as bonus events.

There’s one entry of “to be confirmed” from Algeria

Here is the (almost) final breakdown of who the athletes are and where they came from:

438 – OQT “A-times” (59 Federations)
181 – OST “B-times” (12 Federations)
131 – Relay-only swimmers (Men/Women)
150 Universality (95 Federations)

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8 years ago

Fun heading.

Uninvited OST Qualifier
8 years ago

Braden, or anybody on here-
Does anybody know how many OST qualifiers did not get an invite to London with the implementation of the 900 swimmer cap? Last time around, some of these swimmers would have gotten the chance to represent their countries. Anyone know why there is a cap this time? If they wanted to reduce the number of swimmers, they should have just made the cuts faster. That way qualifers can go if they make an A cut (2 swimmers) or a B cut (if they are the fastest B cut from their country and just like the other Olympics) and dont have to sit out if they have made an OST.

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