Hungarian Olympic Trials Still Holding Out

Retta Race
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March 15th, 2020 News

Per our Guide to Worldwide Olympic Trials Changes, the 2020 Hungarian Olympic Trials are still on schedule for Tuesday, March 24th – Saturday, March 28th.

Despite the nation of Hungary being declared a state of emergency, the government still allows indoor events for those under 100 people and outdoor activities for those under 500 people.

As such, we’re expecting the Hungarian Swimming Federation to announce at the very least that their Olympic Trials will be held without spectators; however, the website still carries the most recent message of March 11th, which reads,

“The Hungarian Swim Federation Crisis Team is continuously assessing the impact of the government-declared emergency on the National Swimming Championships (Olympic Trials). Several alternative solutions are being developed.”

Per Hungarian media, athletes’ representative Csaba Sós wants to keep the meet on as scheduled.

“This is not just about an Olympic team. The swimmers have been training for eight months. They’re in bomb form, it wouldn’t be fortunate for us to move away from the championship.”

The 2020 European Swimming Championships are also still on schedule for Budapest, May 11th – May 24th.

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8 months ago

Go Hungary!!

8 months ago

is cseh swimming?

Reply to  Khachaturian
8 months ago

The only important question ever asked. 🙂

Reply to  Khachaturian
8 months ago

Yes he is! He is training in his new club with Kozma, Bohus, Nemeth, Bernek and others

Irish Ringer
8 months ago


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