For 2nd Year in a Row, California Cancels State Swimming & Diving Championships

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) announced on Thursday that it would “not be hosting State Championships in swim & dive” originally schedule to take place in Clovis on June 4-5, 2021.

The announcement came a day after the state’s largest section, CIF-Southern Section, received approval from Orange County to hold separate Section Championships for its Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4 in late May.

Last summer, CIF separated its high school sports into two groupings: season 1 sports and season 2 sports, meant to give a chance for all sports to be played from January to June. Boys and girls swimming was to have a relatively normal start on March 13 and end on May 21.

The 10 different sections that make up CIF have followed local public health guidelines, leading to different outcomes for swimming and diving in different regions of California. On April 12, the Los Angeles City Section announced postseasons for baseball, softball, lacrosse and volleyball but said that trace, swimming & diving, tennis, and golf would require a waiver from LA County. On 4/26, the Central Coast Section posted that they were actively seeking approval in track & field and swimming.

Thursday’s CIF press release specifically referred to the lack of swimming and diving championships in four of the six Northern California sections opted out of a spring postseason.

“With only two of the six Northern California Region Sections offering Championships at this time (Central Coast Section and Oakland Section), it is not feasible for the State CIF to conduct Northern California Regional Championships. Also, due to the limited number of Sections in Northern California conducting championships, coupled with potential logistical/travel issues, the State CIF will not be hosting State Championships in swim & dive, track & field, and wrestling.”

Below is the list of California postseason championships that we know of, at this time:

Section Dates Location Results
CIF Central:
Division 1
Division 2
D1 & D2 Diving: May 27
D1 & D2 Swimming: May 28-29
D1 Diving: Clovis West HS
D2 Diving: Site TBD
D1 Swim Meet: Clovis West High School
D2 Swim Meet: Kern District Aquatic Center
D1 results:
D2 results:
CIF Central Coast TBD
CIF Los Angeles City TBD
CIF Oakland TBD
CIF Sac-Joaquin Diving: Girls-May 21/ Boys-May 22
Swimming: May 27-29
Diving: McClatchy High School, Sacramento
Swimming: Tokay High School, Lodi
CIF San Diego D2: April 23-26
D2 results
D1 results
CIF San Francisco CANCELED
CIF Southern Diving: May 20-21
Swimming: May 25-29
Diving: Marquerite Aquatics Center
Swimming: Santa Margarita Catholic High School
D1 results
D2 results
D3 results
D4 results
CIF State Meet June 4-5 Clovis Olympic Swim Complex
Clovis West High School
1070 E. Teague Ave
Fresno, CA 93720


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8 months ago

plandemic amirite? California, more like LameStateIfornia

8 months ago


Corn Pop
Reply to  Brandi
8 months ago

I am very well informed by the media about the Pandemic that almost everybody is in danger of dying in Ca or already dead.

Last edited 8 months ago by Corn Pop
cynthia curran
Reply to  Corn Pop
8 months ago

Not surprise different rules on COVID.

8 months ago

I’m in Florida, we’ll host your championships and the Olympics too!

cynthia curran
Reply to  leisurely1:29
8 months ago

You also can gain electoral college while California and New York, Illinois lost 1. Not picking on anyone since Colorado gain 1 and West Virginia lost 1. Florida’s rules on COVID are different and yes its growing faster than Ca, NY, Ill, West Virginai in population. A lower cost of living than Ca or NY.

8 months ago

Meet is outside

Vaccines are becoming readily available and effective

Meet is 5 weeks away

Commy-fornia at its finest

Reply to  Horninxo
8 months ago

This far into the pandemic, it’s just plain lazy at this point to not brainstorm alternative scenarios that are still safe for all parties involved.

And yes, the risk will always be >0%. Guess what though? There was “risk” before COVID-19 too. An athlete could show up at a swim meet and slip and fall on the pool deck. Excuses, excuses. I feel bad for the swimmers here.

8 months ago

SAD!!! This is the worst trade meet deal in the history of trade meet deals!

8 months ago

This is clearly the CIF and it’s various sections playing politics. Despite countless INDOOR events being held safely across the country (including NBA and Oscars in California), the federation and its leaders aren’t even entertaining the idea of letting the athletes compete OUTSIDE.

It’s clearly another stunt designed to instill fear into the Californians that they should still be deathly afraid of COVID-19 and DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD! It’s quite unfortunate that these athletes have been the victims of such circumstances all too often over the past year.

Corn Pop
Reply to  thezwimmer
8 months ago

Death in Venice 1971 . A grand film with Dirk Bogarde on Cholera .

Waiting v for Death in Venice 2021 where body builders are strutting no more .

Last edited 8 months ago by Corn Pop
You Can’t Be Serious
Reply to  thezwimmer
8 months ago

In addition there is an 18 and under meet in CA this weekend with swimmers from all over the state hosted by a different organization. What an absolute failure by the CIF. CIF is shameful and has once again failed. Shocker from the most worthless organization in scholastic sport. LET THEM PLAY.

cynthia curran
Reply to  You Can’t Be Serious
8 months ago

Well, yes ago. The girls had their own organization called GAA in Ca. Not certain if it would be better.

cynthia curran
Reply to  thezwimmer
8 months ago

The NBA and the Oscars have been clout in the state of California.

8 months ago

Anyone wanting to register their displeasure with CIF should write to the Executive Committee and State Staff. See and They are suffering from a terrible lack of imagination, competence, and empathy for our swimmers who have missed two years of state competition.

Team Chlorine
Reply to  V S
8 months ago

Done! Email Sent. Sick of lazy people making easy decisions to cancel events instead of finding solutions. Plenty of swim meets are happening outdoors in Covid safe manner. The blueprint is there!

I get it
8 months ago

Lots of hostility on here towards this decision. Do people actually believe that CIF made this choice just to instill fear about covid in people?
Yes vaccinations are up, but not in children. Is it wise to load a bus full of kids for a long trip during a pandemic? True the NBA and Oscars made it work, but most public schools don’t have their resources. If many league and sections canceled their meets, would their teams still be willing to attend the state meet? How will that affect attendance?
The pandemic isn’t over and most high school seasons in CA were heavily truncated, it’s unfortunate but it just didn’t work out for this year.

Reply to  I get it
8 months ago

It just sounds like more lazy and against the interests of the people kind of solution that california is making itself known for this past year.

Other states have shown whats possible even with dealing with this pandemic and its making it thay much more glaring how lazy california has gotten.

Keep in mind the pac-12 had their champs in texas to avoid their own states stupid rules.

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