Fog-X: The Only Long Lasting, One-Time Application Anti-Fog Fix

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August 05th, 2020 Gear, Training

The only long lasting, one-time application anti-fog fix!

  • Anti-fog inserts that work for months!
  • One size fits all. Works with virtually any goggle
  • Apply once and forget it

We know you’ve been hurt before by the promise of clear vision, only to be left disappointed by the ever-present fogginess of your goggles. You’re afraid to try something new, afraid of being disappointed, afraid of taking a chance and being left in the fog… again.

We know your pain (and blindness…)

That’s why we decided to create a solution that would finally fix the biggest, worst, most annoying problem in swimming!

Every goggle says anti-fog on it, but it never lasts. And every solution devised has been mediocre at best or requires annoying daily maintenance or is just plain gross (talking to you goggle lickers!).

Now, for the price of a small burrito, you can finally get lasting anti-fog into any goggle so that you don’t have to be afraid of the fog anymore.

Click here to get yours!

  • Two Pairs (four total) inserts included
  • Easily replaced to refresh your anti-fog
  • Scratch resistant to protect your goggles
  • Works with virtually any goggle
  • Free shipping in the USA!

Fog-X inserts work by using a hydrophilic surface to create a flat layer of water that you can see right through. This prevents beading of water on your goggle lenses, preventing fog formation.

Unlike other anti-fog products (or your goggle’s original anti-fog coating), Fog-X inserts don’t wear out, don’t scratch off and don’t fog for months at a time!

Testimonials from our Beta Testers

All are real swimmers!

Actual Fog-X in use!

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!

Wholesale info available for Swim Shops and Vendors:

Please email with any questions: [email protected]




Fog-X was founded by Karl Hamouche who also founded Swim Smart and wrote The Biology of Swimming. He is currently a radiology resident in Wichita and still races in local meets… with Fog-X inserts of course!

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