FINA Releases Full Olympic Relay Entries

  81 Braden Keith | June 12th, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News

(Thanks to coach Alex Pussieldi, the leading voice in Brazilian swimming, for contributing to this report).

FINA has released the full list of relays that have been invited and accepted for the 2012 London Summer Olympics, which is listed below. These relays were selected from the top 12 relays at last year’s World Championships (finals DQ’s eliminated an automatic berth), plus the next four best in each event from March of 2011 through the June 1, 2012 deadline.

The Canadian men, despite having not hit their self-imposed entry times at their own Olympic Trials, will send a full contingent of three relays to the event; as will the South African men. Iceland has their first ever Olympic relay qualifier thanks to the 400 medley that crushed the National Record at this year’s European Championships.

Also of note, the Polish women snuck their 800 free relay into the meet, thanks to declines by both the Netherlands (who would’ve been one of the last four in) and Sweden (who would have earned an automatic berth from their finish at the World Championships, but declined). That means the Polish women will have more than one swimmer at the Olympics.

There was some confusion in the Men’s 400 Medley as Kazakhistan and Brazil were thought to be tied for the 16th spot, but the Brazilians winning time from Pan Ams, 3:34.58 clearly makes them the 16th team in. (Kazkhstan’s 3:36.99 would have tied the Brazilians’ best time outside of the Pan American Games). We’ll now await word on what FINA will do about this unfortunate error.

The following countries will each take a full contingent of 6 relays to the Olympics:

Great Britain

Men   Women
  4×100 Free 4×200 Free 4×100 Medley     4×100 Free 4×200 Free 4×100 Medley
1 Australia United States United States   1 Netherlands United States United States
2 France France Australia   2 United States Australia China
3 United States China Germany   3 Germany China Australia
4 Italy Germany Italy   4 China Canada Russia
5 Russia Australia Japan   5 Australia Hungary Japan
6 South Africa Japan Netherlands   6 Sweden France Germany
7 Germany Great Britain Hungary   7 Canada Italy Great Britain
8 Great Britain Italy New Zealand   8 Japan Great Britain Canada
9 Belgium Austria Canada   9 Denmark New Zealand Denmark
10 Brazil Hungary France   10 Great Britain Japan Italy
11 Japan Canada Russia   11 Italy Germany Sweden
12 Hungary New Zealand Poland   12 Russia Russia Netherlands
13 Canada Russia Great Britain   13 New Zealand Slovenia Spain
14 China Denmark South Africa   14 Hungary Spain France
15 Venezuela Belgium China   15 Greece Poland Iceland
16 Serbia South Africa Kazkahstan   16 Belarus Ukraine Hungary


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“Round 2 of British Trials kicks of Wednesday”. Glad to see a national swim federation aiming to fill its roster and working towards the best interest of its country’s swimming.

“The Brits have left themselves a whole lot of wiggle room, however, with the word “discretion” appearing dozens of times in the qualification procedures. For example, if nobody hits a FINA ‘A” time, the coaches may take a swimmer with a B-time”.

Any comparison and contrast here to the Canadian 4 x 200 freestyle relay situation?

Mike Schmidt

My apologies to those outside the USA. I was referring to the 2012 US Olympic Swim Trials in Omaha next week. Guess I could have posted my question after a more appropriate article!


With reference to streaming online:

The caveat being:
“All but the fastest heats of preliminaries will be webcast live at June 25-July 1. The fastest 2-4 heats of preliminaries will be broadcast on tape delay by NBC Sports.”

Mike Schmidt

Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but does anybody know if the Trials are going to be streamed online anywhere? I’m in Asia, but I’d reeeeeally love to watch them. In 2008, I was able to watch them on the computer while sitting in my office in Seoul, Korea. It was fantastic! I think it was Universal Sports, but I haven’t seen anything about the Trials this time around. If anybody has any input, it’d be appreciated!


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