Cate Campbell’s Comeback: “I Remembered How To Race”

In case you missed it, multi-Olympic medalist Cate Campbell of Australia was back in the water over the weekend, competing at her first swimming meet since the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The 30-year-old wasted no time putting her typical speed on display, winning the women’s 19&O 100m freestyle at the Brisbane Metro Championships in a swift 53.52.

After establishing herself as the top-seeded swimmer with a casual swim of 54.58 out of the prelims, Campbell turned on the heat to split 25.76/27.76 to grab the gold.

And, just like that, C1‘s time of 53.52 now ranks the Aussie as the 3rd fastest swimmer in the world this season.

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After the race, Campbell told 7 News, “Not bad for two months of training.”

She continued to describe what it was like diving off the blocks for the first time in nearly 2 years.

“I was 10 years old when I first raced in this pool. Now, 20 years later, it’s fitting that it was the first pool I raced in on my comeback for Paris 2024. In many ways I was so rusty.”

She continued, “I’d forgotten how nervous racing makes you. I’d forgotten how tight racing suits are. I’d forgotten how hazardous warm-up pools can be.

“I’d forgotten to ALWAYS keep an eye on the events and not rely on the timeline (thank you to the officials who snuck me in a spare lane).

“I’d forgotten how alive you feel standing behind the blocks. I’d forgotten the thrill of hearing the starters gun and the satisfaction of hitting the wall after a well executed race.

“But I remembered the one thing I was afraid I had forgotten.

“I remembered how to race. And I remembered how much I love it. Paris 2024 is looking a little closer today than it was yesterday.” (7 News)

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Hooked on Chlorine
10 days ago

Why are warmup pools hazardous? The danger of being inadvertently kicked in the head by one of the many other swimmers warming up? Muggers?

M d e
Reply to  Hooked on Chlorine
9 days ago

Much less rough now than they were many years ago where you would get dunked relatively frequently If you were swimming slower than people liked, but even still, hundreds of people in a pool doing their own warm up, at different intensities/strokes etc. without any ability for lanes to be managed the way a coach does. It’s definitely an environment you could describe as hazardous, though perhaps a little facetiously.

10 days ago

I really hope she gets back to her best

M d e
Reply to  Verram
9 days ago

At minimum she is going to be anchoring that relay.

id really love for her to get that individual gold but seems a stretch. Fingers crossed for her.

10 days ago

Welcome back Cate, a 5th Olympics would be awesome.

Reply to  Robbos
9 days ago

And the first swimmer to medal in 5 Olympics, consecutive or otherwise.

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