Boston’s Bid for 2024 Olympics Not A “Sure Thing”

With the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision on which city will host the 2024 edition of the Summer Olympic Games now less than 2 years away, the announced American bid city of Boston is still struggling to maintain support.  The USOC originally chose Boston as its candidate city back in January of this year, but does not have to make the selection official until the IOC’s deadline of September 15th.

Among cited issues by Bostonians opposed to the bid, such as overall cost and traffic among other concerns, there is still time for the USOC to potentially abandon the Boston bid and instead select a new candidate, such as Los Angeles, or simply not offer up an American bid city.

This week a key U.S. Olympic leader reiterated that Boston is not even a “sure thing” as the American city to bid for the Games.  U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) board member Angela Ruggiero told the press that “ the USOC is working hard to make sure Boston succeeds in its attempt to bid for the Games”, but also added that “the federation was still vetting Boston to make sure it was the right city to bid, and that there was no guarantee.”

Rome, Italy and Hamburg, Germany are two international cities officially in the running for 2024, and both Budapest, Hungary and Paris, France have been mentioned in the mix of potential hosts.

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The problem is that the IOC has to make a decision by September 15th of 2015, but a statewide referendum will be on the ballot in November of 2016! If the USOC maintains their confidence in Boston, the US may not have a bid city for 2024. 🙁

bobo gigi

A referendum! The false good idea in that case. You know that only the people against the olympic games will participate. You elect people to represent you. They take decisions for you. Bad or good. If you’re not happy, you don’t vote for them the next time.

I see that you are in USA as good as in France to destroy your olympic bids! 😆


Poor guys, I complain you. You are so manipulated by your favorite Murdoch media.

Give that bid to LA! The weather is great and perhaps people are more optimistic.


My point in commenting is that I DOUBT the USOC will believe in Boston enough not to alter their decision and choose another city. Having the Olympics in Boston would probably be my only chance to attend the Olympics in my lifetime. 🙁

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