Alabama Head Coach Dennis Pursley Suspended For Rest of Regular Season

Alabama head coach Dennis Pursley was not present at his team’s senior day celebration win over Emory on Saturday, and will not travel to their regular-season-closing meet against Georgia next weekend, the university announced on Saturday.

The school didn’t specify the violations, but they did refer to them as “Level 3 violations,” which is the new term the NCAA sues for “secondary violations.” The new NCAA enforcement structure has four levels of violations, with I being the most significant, and IV being the most minor.

It defines Level III violations as “A violation that is isolated or limited in nature; provides no more than a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage; and does not include more than a minimal impermissible benefit. Multiple Level IV violations may collectively be considered a Level III violation.”

The NCAA’s violations structure, as proposed in January of 2012, can be seen here for some context about what these violations could be. Examples given by the NCAA include “Assistant women’s basketball coach telephoned a PSA prior to April of the PSA’s junior year in high school” or “Football program had personalized nameplates of PSAs hanging in locker room during PSA’s official visit.”

Pursley is in his second year as the head coach of Alabama, after a worldwide career that included most recently as the head of British Swimming.

This raises the possibility that, barring a change in the status of head coach Jack Bauerle, neither head coach will be on deck for next Saturday’s season-closing dual between Alabama and Georgia in Athens.

Pursley, at least, will be expecting a return for the SEC Champioships that begin in late February.


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Snake man

So in the recent pass we have UGA, Zona, Alabama, UVA, UTAH, and Mizzou with head coach problems. Too many


Rules are rules, but this case doesn’t shake me as much as some of the other recent head coaching issues. Maybe I’m becoming desensitized to trouble is swimming, but the definition given in the write-up for the violation makes it seem like it was a small mistake and not a mistake that put the current swimmers in any danger.


Reliable rumors from within program state that pursley is getting off very easy for his infractions. Additionally this was a major rule that he blatantly broke this rule to benefit.

Bama fan

The infractions wer in violation of a rule that was changed one month later and would no longer be an infraction. Alabama and the SEC are giving a more severe punishment in order to show that it is not being taken lightly. Any rumors claiming “blatant” violations of “major” rules is false. With as many by laws and possible infractions there are in the NCAA it is near impossible to not slip up every now and then especially new to NCAA coaching.


Swim coaches seem to be getting into more trouble than football and basketball coaches these days.

Who woulda thunk?


no just more honor than footballers.

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