3 Reasons Why Chloe Sutton Likes SwimSpray

Two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton knows swimming, knows the lifestyle and strives to make it fit her life. She trains with her friends at iX Sports, travels the country hosting swim clinics and works with her favorite brands, companies that make products she actually uses, like SwimSpray.

Here are the 3 Reasons Why Chloe Sutton Like SwimSpray:

1. SwimSpray strives to promote the sport

SwimSpray Founder and CEO Andrew Chadeayne is a patent attorney with a Ph.D in Chemistry, but his passion for swimming is what drives him and his company. He swam DI at Princeton and competes at the masters level, even winning masters nationals in the backstroke. For Chloe this equals authenticity and a shared mission: promote and further the sport to the best of your ability.

2. SwimSpray is Easy to Use

Chloe loves how easy it is to use. It’s in a small bottle you can take anywhere and simply spray on your skin and hair. For Chloe, chlorinated hair is the biggest issue. Using SwimSpray, her hair feels lighter and cleaner, and it ends up looking way better. It should. It’s chlorine-free.

3. People Notice When You Use SwimSpray

We all understand this. When you swim, espeically if you swim a lot, you smell like bleach. With SwimSpray that’s nolonger a worry.

 SwimSpray 2014 May ad, Chloe SuttonAbout SwimSpray

SwimSpray was invented by Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, a former Princeton University swimmer and chemistry Ph.D. from Cornell University. Tired of smelling like chlorine after his swimming workouts, Andrew set out remove chlorine from hair and skin ( SwimSpray works where so many other chlorine removal products (e.g., swimmers’ shampoos) have failed previously because SwimSpray’s all-natural vitamin C based formula breaks this bond, neutralizing the chlorine, and allowing it to be washed away with your favorite soap or shampoo.

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