2016 Rio Mascots to Star in Own Cartoon Network Series

Really want to start getting into the 2016 Rio spirit?  On August 5th, exactly one year before the 2016 Opening Ceremonies, families can fuel their Olympic excitement together by watching a new TV show starring the now-famous Brazilian Olympic mascots.

Last December fans voted on the mascot names, selecting “Tom” as the Paralympic Games mascot, which symbolizes the fusion of all of the plants in the Brazilian forests and “Vinicius” for the Olympic mascot, representing a mixture of all of hte Brazilian animals. And now a Cartoon Network show will feature both of the already-popular and lovable creatures.

“Vinicius e Tom – Divertidos por Natureza” (Vinicius and Tom – Natural Entertainers) is an adventure-based animated series aimed at following the duo through the forests and jungles of Brazil all the while on a mission to spread Olympic and Paralympic values.  You can watch the short video to catch a glimpse into the colorful production.

“They (the mascots) are one of the principal methods of engaging the public with the Games,” said the Rio 2016 Committee’s Director of Branding, Beth Lula. “The cartoon will give them life, reinforcing the emotional link of the public with the event.”

Cartoon Network was awarded the show after winning an open competition held by the 2016 Rio Organizing Committee, with an estimated investment amount of $750,000.  The series will showcase a total of 32 episodes, which are each just two minutes in length.  It is the first time in the Americas, and the third time in history, that the Games mascots will have an animated series. (paralympic.org).

“Cartoons are part of children’s daily life and we believe that the series “Vinicius and Tom – Natural Entertainers” is going to attract not only children, but also adults, and will be one of the key pieces so that the mascots, ambassadors of the Rio 2016 Games, remain forever in our memories,” said Sylmara Multini, Director of Licensing and Retail at the Rio 2016 Committee.

The Committee estimates that the mascots could represent 25 % of licensed product Games sales, with a line already available for purchase through the Rio 2016 online shop.  Additional mascot-themed products will later be put on sale in response to anticipated public demand for retail-related Rio 2016 items.



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7 years ago

not trying to nitpick, but I think a better translation for “Divertidos por Natureza” is Playful by Nature or Funny by Nature.In that context, it s what they are, not what they do.

7 years ago

This makes me cringe more than watching Paul Biedermanns World Record swims.

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