Kevin Cordes Breaks American Record in 100 Yard Breaststroke at Texas Hall of Fame Invite

Kevin Cordes broke the American and U.S. Open Records in the 100 yard breaststroke on Friday night at the 2013, swimming a 50.70 to better the 50.74 he went at the 2013 NCAA Championships. His time was the fastest 100 yard breaststroke in history.

In this instance, we won’t make a split comparison, because there was clearly an error in the timing system (Kevin Steel is listed to have split four-tenths faster than Cordes at the turn, though Cordes was clearly ahead), which is perhaps a hair disappointing as he was out very fast. For what it’s worth, the scoreboard read 24.4-26.3.

The swim comes after Cordes split a 22.87 in the 50 yard breaststroke that just missed the 22.83 that Cal’s Damir Dugonjic (who had the 100 breast record before Cordes) as the fastest we’re aware of in history. Cordes’ 50 yard speed, believe it or not, is getting even better – he was about two-tenths faster on this medley than he was at NCAA’s last year. That shows how much more potential speed there is to go in the yards breaststroke races, despite Cordes’ incredible sophomore NCAA championship meet.


  1. osd says:

    As always, congrats Kevin. Folks in Illinois are proud of you.

  2. Matt says:

    Cordes split 22.84 going out in his 100 in the relay. That’s crazy.

  3. HulkSwim says:

    I’m always excited to see Americans (or anyone, really) swim really, ridiculously fast. But there is a small part of my joy isn’t about the fast swimming… but in the fact that he did it in Psychodad’s backyard.

    It definitely makes me petty… but I don’t care

    Cordes… SMASH!!!

  4. PyschoDaddy says:

    He has some potential in the breaststroke events once he
    fixes his pulling technique, kicking technique, starts, and

    • Bob says:

      @psychodaddy *more potential

    • pyshodaddy2 says:

      Your kidding right? Kid has the best kick in the country and clearly his technique is good enough to break every record in the book by a mile.

      • Totally agree with u ; This guy is the real future of breast for Usa in the years to come . No doubt about it . The silly mistake from Barcelona is allready way forgotten . Well done Kevin , we are with u .

        • Rafael says:

          First.. even more important than the mistake, he really will have to stop focusing on SCY, breaststrokers really need to have a good tempo and stroke count.. and his focus on SCY and going too fast because of a low stroke count because the pool is Short is backfiring at him on LCM.. all his 200 free LCM races he goes out very fast and lost all his strenght at the end..

          • Hmmm says:

            He was very smooth, long, and controlled. Only 4 strokes per 25 yards. Bet he did the entire race in 17 strokes or less.

  5. bobo gigi says:

    Congrats to Mr Cordes! He’s ready for big things at Duel in the Pool.
    I continue to think his stroke is for the moment much smoother and much more efficient in the 200.

  6. bobo gigi says:

    Any video of the race?

    • DanishSwimFan says:

      +1 for a video. Agree Bobo that I really want to see what sort of SCM times he can put up at the Duel, it will be fascinating.

      Being an immature long breaststroke groupie I like watching him swim as much as I do my favourite girl RMP. There’s something about making breaststroke look so relaxed and effortless while at the same time going incredibly fast.

      • bobo gigi says:

        It looks like you can’t wait to watch your favorite girl RMP next week! :)
        Be ready for a new world record in the 200 breast.
        She will have the entire pool at her feet.

        • DanishSwimFan says:

          Heh, don’t get too carried away Bobo, there’s a certain Ms. Efimova she has to get past first. Meetings between them over the past few years have generally ended with Danish disappointment… :-(

          But back to the topic at hand, I hope this is a good sign that Cordes is ready to get past his disappointment from Barcelona. I really want to see him develop and push Gyurta over the 200.

  7. bobo gigi says:

    Video of the race with a zoom on Mr Cordes.

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