Former All-American Hannah Ross finding new home in professional cycling

After a lengthy and successful NCAA career and a short stint in USA Triathlon’s developmental program, Hannah Ross (third from right) eventually moved into competitive cycling, where she is now competing as a professional in Europe.


8 Tips for Triathlon Parents

Monique McDonough is a 5-time Ironman finisher who juggles parenthood, training, and a full-time job as a consultant.


The Race Club Launches Triathlon Swim Camps

The Race Club is proud to announce our first triathlon swim camp specifically for Triathletes and open water swimmers.

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How to Overcome the Triathlon Swimming Training Plateau

Swim training can often feel quite repetitive and it can feel like you are chugging along simply ‘maintaining’ speed and fitness and not actually moving forward.

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Former TCU Swimmer Stevens; Michigan Swimmer Potts First Out of Water at Ironman World Champs

There’s always quite a bit of former Division I swimming representation at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, and…


How to Build a Triathlete

Elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon reveals the approach he has used to turn age-group triathletes into elite professionals and champions.

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Triathlon Receives Approval to become an Emerging NCAA Sport

NCAA set to expand Olympic sports at DI Institutions.


Racing Weight Cookbook Serves Up the Best Foods for Athletes

Racing Weight Cookbook delivers more than 100 flavorful, easy recipes that will help athletes hit their ideal weight without compromising…

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VASA Seeks Marketing Coordinator

Vasa is a leading manufacturer of innovative, premium training equipment used in competitive sports & fitness. Vasa seeks a Marketing Coordinator to implement the marketing plan and analyze the results.

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Open Water Swimming Safety: A Powerful Message

Open water swimming safety must be a top priority for everyone involved.


Rocket Science Sports 2013-2014 Photo Vault

Rocket Science Sports designs a complete line of triathlon sporting wear and multi-sport accessories. The company’s products are based upon detailed scientific research and the application of engineering concepts. Products are specifically designed to maximize aero and hydro dynamics, durability, efficiency, and of course, style.

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College Swimmers Katie Rownd, Devon Dabney Compete at World Triathlon Championships

Johns Hopkins senior Katie Rownd finished 33rd overall with a time of 2:17.10 at the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in London…


Hybris Corporation to Open Endurance Sports Themed Office in Boulder, Colorado

“By nature, endurance sports attract a type of person who strives to work hard, have passion and determination, and a desire to be their best. In Boulder, we hope to bring together two ideals under one roof: high-performance software development and endurance training.”

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Committee on Women’s Athletics Requests for Triathlon to Be Named “Emerging Sport”

Women’s triathlon is on the verge of being named an NCAA emerging sport, which is one step closer to full NCAA Championship status. (Photo: Mike Lewis/

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In’s and Out’s – Open Water Swimming Tips

For many open water races there’s more to just swimming. Having strong entry and exit skills can influence your final finish position. Photo credit: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography

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