Jukka Shemeikka

4D Swimming – Part I: The Beginning

In Part I of the series, we go through the study and the findings of phase one on mid-distance and distance freestyle.


Arm Lines in Swimming

The muscles in the shoulder and arm act as a stabilizing chains helping to control movement. This is so important for swimming.

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A Standardized Tool to Assess Swimming Performance

Swimmers mature from young children to adults in the pool and we need a tool to support their growth, performance, and reduce their injuries.

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Conscious and Subconscious Training Strategies

It’s not just about quality and quantity of training anymore, it’s also about Conscious and Subconscious training strategies.

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Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance, Part III

In parts one and two, I went over the basic idea of Posterior Oblique Sling (POS) exercise for swimmers. During the writing process, I found out, that it is not easy trying to explain new concepts in writing.


Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance, Part II

All competitive strokes have a different amount of connection points. In long axis strokes, there is also difference in between sprint and distance techniques.


Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance

Glute activation alone can be a difficult for athlete to manage. We see this even at the Olympic level, in a form of performances where athlete is very front line dominated.