Natatorium Design from a Racer’s Point of View

It is the job of facility designers to be considerate of athletes when designing a top rate natatorium. Fast swims signify a fast pool and in order for fast swims to occur, most swimmers want the “rock-star” experience.

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What Actually Makes a Pool Fast?

We all hear this phrase over and over again. “This is a fast pool.” But what does that phrase actually mean? With so many fast meets this summer, here are four elements that help define a fast pool.


SMU Groundbreaking Pool Showcase

SMU broke ground on Friday, February 26th, on the Robson Lindley Aquatics Center and the Barr-McMillion Natatorium. The new Aquatics Center will replace the historic Perkins Natatorium that was torn down 2 years ago.

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The Modern Competition Pool

Why are so many city governments and private organizations spending dollars on competition swimming pools?


Doc Counsilman: As I Knew Him

Courtesy of Joe Hunsaker (Co-founder, Counsilman/Hunsaker & Associates) This is a special time of the year in swimming history. James…