Cleveland Swimmer Organizes Fundraiser Swim Meet For Autism Speaks

Gabriel Hanson, a high school senior at the University School in Cleveland, Ohio, organized a charity swim meet, raising money for Autism Speaks in honor of his nine-year-old brother.

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Are You a Supportive or Overly-Involved Swim Parent?

Where do we cross the line from being supportive, to being “overly involved?” Look around at a swim meet and see if you can spot “those” parents. Then, take a look in the mirror and check to see what kind of swim parent you are.


Why You Need to Eat It Whole

As a general rule of thumb, eating foods in their whole, most natural state (rather than mashed, pureed, juiced, popped etc.) generally lessens the impact on blood sugar and contains more nourishment for the body.


This Coach Challenged His Athletes to Get Just 1% Better (And Then They Won 16 Olympic Golds)

Looking to make some striking improvements to your swimming? The quickest way to becoming a faster swimmer is not the way you think.


The 12 Days Of Swimming

On the week after Christmas my swim coach gave to me…

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12 Days of Christmas with BREAKout! Swim Clinics

In honor of this special time of year we will showcase 36 of our Olympian clinicians that are not only great swimmers but great people that love to inspire kids.

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Swim Training: Rethink Rotation in Backstroke and Freestyle

Gary Hall Sr.: “Although coaches and swimmers commonly believe that one of the reasons fast freestlyers and backstrokers rotate their bodies along the axis of their motion is to reduce drag, I don’t agree.”


To Drill Or Not To Drill?

Courtesy of Todd Larlee This is the question many triathletes ask themselves at this time of year. When reading the…


6 Reasons to Get Stoked About Being a Self-Disciplined Swimmer

Learn six reasons why you should be fired up about becoming a more self-disciplined swimmer.


SwimMom Musings: Pursue Moments

Savor the successes and learn from mistakes. The only real failure is giving up. Swimming is exhilarating. It is also humbling.


Baywatch Movie Features Olympic Swimmer Striving to Rehab his Image

The newly-announced Baywatch movie, which will drop on May 26, 2017, will not be a straight remake of the famous…


SwimSwam Magazine Discount, Year in Review Michael Phelps Cover EXPIRED

Discount expired.

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Personal Bests: 6 Things To Consider When It Does Not Happen

Courtesy and written by Andrew Beggs With many swimmers well into the midst of their short course season, I thought…


Female Athletes And Body Image

Courtesy of and written by Laura Quilter. New Zealand representative swimmer and lifesaver with an affinity for writing. Hoping to take what…