Defy death at Victoria Falls, the Devil’s Pool, Part 2

We posted video of Livingstone Falls several days ago…

“Risk Your Life and Swim With the Devil”

…but the the video above has far better quality. Thanks to “Heather” for sharing! Swimming to the edge of the falls, watching people swim to the edge of the falls, is a cringing experience. Heather’s video sheds more light on the process and how the African guides marshal water safety.

Here’s some background on Livingstone Falls if you don’t know much about this natural wonder:

The falls are named after the Scottish explorer David Livingstone, who first saw them back in the 1850s. He famously described them as Scenes so lovely…must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.

Wikipedia: The falls are a succession of enormous rapids on the lower Congo River (which has the second largest flow rate in the world after the Amazon River).  The lowest rapids of Livingstone Falls are, in fact, the world’s largest waterfall in terms of flow rate — if one accepts these rapids as being a waterfall. An interesting aspect of the 220-mile long Livingstone Falls is the width of the channel. The channel is very narrow: in several stretches the channel width is less than 300 metres and for the majority of the length the channel is less than 800 metres wide. This is an extraordinarily narrow channel since the river flow rate typically exceeds 42,000 cubic metres per second.

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That, is a cool video. Makes me want to go there and do the same thing.


This is extremely stupid. Watch closely – the girls are not strong swimmers. Not that it matters. They are on the ledge and all it takes is one slip to kill themselves or their friend. Not smart AT ALL.


Suck it up! This is the problem with swimmers: were all pussies. We just watch all the other kids go out and be adventurous while we worry about morning practice or our tapers.


Ummm, no. Swimming is the best discipline. No need to push life to its limit just to have this kind of “fun”.

LV2SRF95…I spent the last 10 years of my career hardly doing anything except worry about morning practice, building my base and timing my taper right… No adventure. Kind of wish I had lived a little more outside the pool. You’re right in many respects.


It’s an amazing experience that everyone should take advantage of for sure!

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