Dante’s Inferno: The Sins of Swimming (Video)

What are three high school swimmers to do when faced with an 14th-century based English project about trials and suffering? Translate it to the most grueling and unforgiving sport there is, competitive swimming.

Bias aside, the playful video illustrates Dante’s Inferno with the nine different rules of swimming and the subsequent punishments received by those who break our sport’s commandments. Between those annoying lanemate habits, non-swimmers issuing complaints about lack of sleep, and hide-a-way Chipotle meals at swim practice, the video makes for good laughs and hopefully good grades by the ladies.

*For historical and literary reference, Inferno was the first of three writings in the Divine Comedy, a highly regarded masterpiece of Italian literature written by Dante Alighieri. Joined by the Roman poet Virgil, it depicts the allegorical journey of Dante traveling through the nine circles of Hell while coming to terms with his recognition and rejection of sin.

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