Catherine Cimini


"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

Catherine Cimini

Catherine comes to Colby from Phoenix Swim Club and has been a vital member of the 2018 class. She is a sprint freestyler and butterfier and holds to the firm belief that no race should go over 200 yards.

Colby College Swimming and Diving


Catherine began her inaugural season as an Aquamule with a bang. She opened the schedule as a member of Colby’s ‘A’ relays against Amherst College and netting two top-3 finishes. At NESCAC Championships, she made finals in 50 Fly and was member of Colby’s 200 Free Relay that climbed the podium with an 8th place finish.


Catherine inexplicably hates all things chocolate. When she isn’t avoiding the cocoa bean at all costs, she is an obsessive Boston Sports fan. Her favorite team is the Boston Bruins and she has enough team attire to fill multiple closets.

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 100 Fly 59.61 02/15/15 NESCAC Championships
Wesleyan University
scy 100 Free 54.50 02/15/15 NESCAC Championships
scy 50 Fly 26.93 02/13/15 NESCAC Championships