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FastStache? Pfft… Call Me Back When You Grow a Beard

Pardon me but I mustache you a question… why wasn’t I consulted on new advances in swimmer facial hair? TYR, you have some serious explaining to do to the Adventure Beard.


Let’s Go Find a Beach – Scouting New Swim Spots

Are there new swim spots hiding right under your nose? You’ll never know until you go searching. Sometimes the best beaches are the hardest ones to find!

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It’s the Beach Not the Dump, Dummy

If you enjoy your beach you best take care of it because someone has to. Sometimes that means picking up your trash, sometimes it means picking up someone else’s trash, and sometimes that involves hauling a 100 pound metal pipe out of the surf before it breaks someone in half.

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Some Like it Salty

I used to be perfectly contented to traverse a concrete box of flat climate controlled water. These days I crave salt, chop, and the kind of adventure you can’t get a few lanes over from an aqua aerobics class.