Isaac Cooper: “I Whacked My Finger On The Lane Rope Twice” (Quotes Day 8)


The grand finale in Doha for the World Championships 2024 last session of races is over. Isaac Cooper and Ruta Meilutyte opened the show and took the gold for Lituania and Australia. Daniel Wiffen doubled the title of the 800 meters, winning the longer distance in the pool. Sarah Sjostrom is confirmed to be the Queen of sprint events and claim the gold in the 50 free.

Here are the voices from the pool deck of day 8 in Doha:


Gold medallist in the 50 backstroke men in a time of 24.13

This is my first-ever international gold medal. I’ve only ever stood on the podium with my teammates. And so to stand up there alone feels a little bit different. But it’s definitely not a task that I do by myself. I’ve got an awesome team at home around me. My parents, family, and friends are always there to support me and they’re with me in spirit.

The time was good. I told my coach I would love to have a go at going under 24 tonight, but ” today, so I hit it really hard. I actually started bleeding from it. The roof is a little bit crooked, so imagine if the black line on the bottom of the pool was off-center. So it’s a bit of a mind game to swim straight. But despite that, I’m really glad. I’m really proud of the swim I could pull off.


Gold medallist in the 50 breaststroke women in a time of 29.40

“Of course, I’m feeling proud and. I’m just very grateful to represent the country that I love.

About the exclusion from the 100 in the heats:

“It wasn’t a loss. This one is just a bonus. Everything is a bonus.”


Gold medallist in the 1500 men in a time of 14:34.07

“After hitting that time in April, it could have been a fluke. 14.35 in my hometown and my back garden really in Dublin. And then, coming here, the progression from the 400 to 800 to the 1500, I’m just so happy to come with a PB and two world titles.

I was talking about the tactic before my coach, Andy. 100% go out a bit faster than everybody else and just be in my own lane for my own race and get out ahead and really focus on what I was going to do.

About Pre-race rituals and if there is meaning behind them:

I actually had my twin mixed up for me because we had a little brainstorm before. That one was just saying that it’s my time.

To break the WRs is definitely one of my goals. I mean, I’m 22, and I’ve got another eight years. Another couple. Another couple of Olympics in me. And I’m sure I’ll go at some stage, and I hope to be the person to do it.


Gold medallist in the 50 free women in a time of 23.69

I’m so happy with the gold and the time, especially in the freestyle. With that kind of pressure on me, the girls next to me were very fast, but I could still be in my own lane and focus on myself. So it gives me a lot of confidence to come up to Paris. The 50 fly was a different kind of pressure because people expected me to win in another way there because it was going to be my sixth time. But here(50 free) I knew it would be a tougher race.


Silver medallist in the 50 free in a time of 23,91, new American Record

“That American record I wasn’t expecting at all going into this meet. So that’s definitely a great way to finish it off. To be able to go to American records this winter season so far, I think, is pretty great confidence going into trials.

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing this race this summer or not because it does conflict with the 200 Im. So it’s unfortunate, but we’ll see.”

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McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
2 months ago

I am loving Ruta’s positive perspectives!

Christine Breedy
2 months ago

I KNEW there had to be something wacky about the ceiling at the pool!! So tired of this ongoing issue! Somebody please tackle the problem of swimming straight in backstroke-like they’ve FINALLY dealt with the slippery starting surface issue with the Edge!

2 months ago

Douglas did not win gold in the 50 free – in the paragraph under her name.

Hooked on Chlorine
2 months ago

Nothing can stop Isaac, not even a lane rope!

Reply to  Hooked on Chlorine
2 months ago

Racing any distance longer than 50m perchance ??😏

Reply to  commonwombat
2 months ago

This has been his problem, hopefully he can this year transform his 50 back especially & freestyle to the 100, the medley team needs it.

2 months ago

Sounds like an Aussie for sure

McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
Reply to  ‘Murica
2 months ago

Lane lines and railings are traumatized when Aussies are nearby

2 months ago


2 months ago

Shocker! He lived on the lane rope all week

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