Full Debrief with Kyle Chalmers of the 2023 World Championships

We had a full sitdown with Kyle Chalmers, the 2023 world champion in the 100 free, 400 free relay, and mixed 400 free relay. See full list of topics discussed below:

  • 0:00 Kyle Chalmers Introduction
  • 0:40 World Champs Reflections
  • 5:20 Aussie Youth Movement
  • 6:37 100 Free Prelims/Semi/Finals
  • 10:45 Taking 100 Free Out in 23.0
  • 15:25 Relay Swimming
  • 20:34 2024 World Champs in Doha
  • 22:06 Being Your Best Over an 8-Day Meet
  • 26:08 Being a Leader on Team Australia
  • 28:40 Training This Season
  • 31:48 Working in Construction
  • 34:20 Balancing Construction with Swimming
  • 36:05 Looking Toward the Olympic Year
  • 38:07 Playing Football in Port Lincoln After World Champs

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1 month ago

Not only a great swimmer but a better leader. Giving back to his community and inspiring kids to dream big. King Kyle truly.

cant kick cant pull
1 month ago

who did the cobras better- short or chalmers

1 month ago

Strange SA said no to 4×200 but clearly wanted him there for all other relays when he didn’t swim the 100 at trials last year. Sounds about right they’d come up with something so ridiculous.

Reply to  Kelsey
1 month ago

To be fair, all nations seem to do random dumb stuff with relay selections….

Christopher DeBari
1 month ago

Seems like a good guy

Reply to  Christopher DeBari
1 month ago

Oh no doubt about it. He is a leader in every sense of the word. An immeasurable boost for the entire team.

Emily Se-Bom Lee
1 month ago

interesting to hear that kyle wanted to swim the 4×200 last year but was denied. I was under the impression that he dropped it because of it being the day before the 100 free final in the olympic program, then was convinced to return to it for sc worlds. the justification was that he didn’t swim it at trials, but he didn’t swim the 100 either yet he swam the other freestyle relays. I know that he’s far better and more consistent in the 100, and that a finals spot would be harder to justify than in the 4×100, but I’m certain he would have done something better than brendon smith’s 1:49 that almost got australia eliminated in the heats

Last edited 1 month ago by Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
1 month ago

No it’s because he did not swim the 200 at Nationals /trials so was preselected for the 100 for Commonwealth’s and Worlds but opted for relays only but no 4×2 because of that reason

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