Emily Weiss Makes U.S. National Team With Jr Pan Pacs 100 Breast Swim


17-year-old Emily Weiss has likely joined the U.S. National Team for next season based on a big swim at Junior Pan Pacs in the 100 breast.

One of the below-the-surface storylines of the 2018 Junior Pan Pacific Championships is that it serves as the last of three qualifying meets for the 2018-2018 U.S. National Team. We went over what the national team is and how it differs from the major travel teams in a story you can read here. The major point is that the top 6 American athletes in each event (based on combined times from U.S. Nationals, Pan Pacs and Junior Pan Pacs) make the national team and get various perks, including potential financial support, from USA Swimming.

Weiss has had a pretty roundabout journey to making the projected team. She was disqualified out of prelims of her best event, the 100 breast, at U.S. Nationals, which meant she wouldn’t get a chance to swim the race at either of the remaining qualifying meets. But the DQ was overturned and Weiss ultimately took 7th at Nationals and made Junior Pan Pacs. That still left her outside the national team, though, until she bettered her 1:07.99 Nationals time with a 1:07.55 at Junior Pan Pacs.

That swim moved her up to the 6th spot, passing Breeja Larsonwho was previously 6th over the qualifying period with her 1:07.80 from Nationals. Pending any major changes (or times we missed), Weiss should make the national team and Larson will be bumped.

100 breast
Lilly King 1:05.36
Molly Hannis 1:05.78
Katie Meili 1:06.19
Micah Sumrall 1:06.34
Bethany Galat 1:06.41
Emily Weiss 1:07.55

Through two days, there haven’t been any other major changes to the national team roster.

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He Said What?
2 years ago

Carson Foster’s 400 IM from Fiji does not qualify for national team status?

Reply to  He Said What?
2 years ago


Speed Racer
Reply to  He Said What?
2 years ago

No. He did not better Swanson who is sitting at the 6 spot.

2 years ago

Doesn’t Katherine Berkoff’s 100 Back time quialfiy her?

Miss M
Reply to  Swimming
2 years ago

Swim off times don’t count. Nor does the split in a mixed medley relay.

Reply to  Swimming
2 years ago

Swimoffs don’t count. Same for relay leadoffs.

2 years ago

Great for Emily but bad for Breeja. It would be great if USA Swimming committed to give the National Team money to the top 6 who take the money. With NCAA and high school swimmers not taking money the money just evaporates.

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