Brazil Releases Official Roster For 2021 Short Course Worlds in Abu Dhabi

The Brazilian Swimming Federation (CBDA) has confirmed the list of 20 swimmers who have been nominated to race at the 2021 World Short Course Swimming Championships in December in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Full Roster – Brazil, 2021 Short Course World Championships

At the 2018 Short Course World Championships in Hangzhou, China, Brazil earned 8 total medals – 2 gold and 6 bronze. Brazil’s performances were highlighted by the men’s 4×200 free relay, which won gold and broke the world record by almost 3 full secondsFernando Scheffer and Leonardo Santos, who were on Brazil’s 4×200 relay in 2018, will compete in Abu Dhabi.

Nicholas Santos, now 41, will have the opportunity to defend his world title. In 2018, Santos won gold in the 50 fly (21.81) over South Africa’s Chad Le Clos, breaking the Championship Record and just missing his own world record. Two months prior, Santos set the world record (21.75) at the Budapest World Cup, a time which still holds today.

Guilherme Guido, who represents the London Roar during the ISL Season, just broke the South American Record in the 100 SCM backstroke. His time of 48.95 moves him up to a tie for 7th-fastest all-time with Russia’s Stanislav Donets. Guido will surely be a factor in the individual backstroke events and will boost Brazil’s medley relays in December.

Brazil has some huge names missing from their roster. Breno Correia, who anchored Brazil’s world-record 4×200 free relay, will not compete at this year’s SC Worlds, but will head to Naples to compete with the LA Current. Correia will also represent Brazil at the 2021 Junior Pan American Games in November. Marcelo Chierighini, one of Brazil’s top sprinters, will also only compete in the ISL this season.

Bruno Fratus, who just came off of a bronze-medal performance at the Tokyo Olympics, is also not entered. Fratus is one of the world’s most elite and consistent sprinters, having dropped a 21 second 50m free performance over 90 times in his career.

There were also several athletes, including Luis Borges, who were under the qualification times but weren’t added due to Brazil’s roster being capped at 20 athletes. Borges is now Brazil’s 4th-fastest freestyler in history in the 50 free in short course meters – an elite list in Brazil’s favorite event. That wasn’t enough to earn him a place on the team, however.

Notably, there are 9 members of the SC Worlds team who will be competing in Season 3 of the ISL: Nicholas Santos (IRON), Leonardo Santos (IRON), Brandonn Almeida (NYB), Leonardo De Deus (AQC), Fernando Scheffer (LAC), Felipe Lima (ENS), Guilherme Costa (LON), Guilherme Guido (LON), and Vini Lanza (LON).

FINA recently announced that there would be $2.8 million worth of prize money for the 2021 SC World Championships, which is the largest amount of prize money ever delegated from a FINA event. The 2021 World Short Course Swimming Championships  will take place from December 16th-21st in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Junior Pan American Games – Cali, Columbia (11/25-12/5)

The CBDA has also released their official roster for the 2021 Junior Pan American Games that will be held in Cali, Columbia. There are 28 athletes representing Team Brazil – 14 male and 14 female. An athlete competing in the Junior Pan Ams must be 23 or under and have met a qualifying time.

Breno Correia, who was absent from Brazil’s Short Course World Championships roster, will compete at the Junior Pan Ams. Caio Pumputis, will double-down and represent his home country in Cali and Abu Dhabi. Correia and Pumputis, who represented Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics, will be joined by fell0w Tokyo Olympians Matheus Gonche and Murilo Sartori.

On the women’s side, Stephanie Balduccini, who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics at 16 years old, will represent Brazil in Cali. During the prelims of the 4×100 free relay, Balduccini split a 54.0, which was the fastest split among Brazil’s female sprinters. In addition to Balduccini, Ana Vieira and Beatriz Dizotti also represented Brazil at the Tokyo Games.

Women’s Roster – Junior Pan Ams

  • Ana Carolina Vieira
  • Beatriz Pimentel Dizotti
  • Bruna Monteiro Leme
  • Clarissa Rodrigues
  • Deyse Barbosa
  • Fernanda Celidônio
  • Fernanda Goeij
  • Gabrielle Assis
  • Giulia Carvalho
  • Julia Karla Goes
  • Maria Luiza Pessanha
  • Maria Paula Heitmann
  • Rafaela Raurich
  • Stephanie Balduccini

Men’s Roster – Junior Pan Ams

  • Breno Martins Correia
  • Caio Pumputus
  • Eduardo Moraes
  • Guilherme Sperandio
  • Kayke Mota
  • Lucas Peixoto
  • Matheus Gonche
  • Murilo Setin Sartori
  • Ney Lima Filho
  • Pedro Guastelli Farias
  • Raphael Rached Windmuller
  • Stephan Alexander Steverink
  • Victor Alcará
  • Victor Baganha

South American Youth Championships – Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia (11/07-11/14)

The South American Youth Championships will be held in Long Course Meters (LCM). There are two youth divisional rosters – an A and B Team.

There are 8 athletes on the South American Youth Championships rosters that are also attending the Junior Pan Ams in late November, with all 8 swimmers on the juvenile “B” team. On the women’s side, Deyse Barbosa, Fernanda Celidônio, Julia Karla Goes, and Stephanie Balduccini will be in attendance. On the men’s side, Guilherme Sperandio, Ney Lima Filho, Raphael Windmuller, and Stephan Steverink will compete in both meets.

Juvenil A Team

Women’s Roster

  • Agatha Marcondes Amaral
  • Ana Beatriz Passaglia
  • Ana Carolina Ghellere
  • Beatriz Bezerra
  • Bruna Scaff
  • Helena Lopes
  • Isabela Tramontana
  • Manuela Sega
  • Mariana Costa
  • Natalia Alvarez Steiner
  • Paula Tiexeira
  • Rafaela Sumida

Men’s Roster

  • Caue Gluck
  • Henrique Fabri Labriola
  • João Pedro Lima Alves
  • Lucas Vieira Odorici
  • Lucca Silva Balansa Abreu
  • Matheus Cony Siniscalchi
  • Matheus Menel Stahelin
  • Pedro Sansone Andrade
  • Rafael Joachim Roehricht
  • Samuel Lopes
  • Vitor Vasconcelos Macedo SA
  • Willyan Haru Matana

Juvenil B Team

Women’s Roster

  • Ana Luiza Correa Daisson
  • Cibelle Eichelberger Jungblut
  • Deyse Gonçalves Barbosa
  • Eduarda Gessi Gobbo
  • Fernanda Gomes Celidônia
  • Giovana Reis Medeiros
  • Julia De Camargo Gusso
  • Julia Karla Goes
  • Luiza Comini Silva Souza Lima
  • Nichelly Brandao Lysy
  • Thaiana Melissa Amaral
  • Stephanie Balduccini

Men’s Roster

  • Felipe Ribeiro Gonçalves
  • Gabriel Perseguin Dias
  • Guilherme Caribe Santos
  • Guilherme Sperandio
  • Gustavo Francisco Saldo
  • João Vieira Garcia
  • Luiz Felipe Garcia
  • Ney Lima Filho
  • Pedro Henrique De Souza
  • Raphael Rached Windmuller
  • Stephan Alexander Steverink
  • Vinicius Monteiro Viebrantz

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1 month ago

Pretty surprised by Fratus not being in the mix but I guess he wanted some rest after that killer final in Tokyo

1 month ago

Huge mistake not taking Luiz Gustavo Borges!!!

1 month ago

This roster will tell you why Brazil swimming will continue to be in the dark ages for years to come. Their selection procedures allow aging, non-Olympic event swimmers like Joao Gomes (who, mind you, is a proven drug cheat) to make WC meets over young, promising Olympic event swimmers like Gus Borges are held off of teams.

Reply to  HJones
1 month ago

Aren’t they just sending those who are fastest like other countries?

Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

If we are going off of FINA points, sure, Gomes’s 50 BR at the Jose Finkel Trophy was a better swim than Gus Borges’s 50 FR. But Gomes is Brazil’s 2nd best 50 BR swimmer meaning limited relay utility, but Borges is the country’s best short course 50 FR swimmer which brings plenty of relay use. If it were to follow the USA’s selection procedures to meet a roster cap, Borges would’ve been a higher priority than Gomes.

1 month ago

Amazing swimmers, by the way it’s Colombia not Columbia

1 month ago

I am disappointed Luis Gustavo is not part of the team after an extraordinary result… is this what sports are meant to teach future generations? Do your best, qualify, overcome injustices????