Blaire Anderson on Aggie Legacy, UT-A&M Rivalry, and Vision as Director of Swimming

Blaire Anderson was recently named Director of Swimming & Diving at Texas A&M University, marking a big turning point in Aggie swimming history. With coaches Steve Bultman and Jay Holmes stepping down after their combined 60+ years at the helm of the respective women’s and men’s programs, Anderson looks to build upon the legacy that is already palpable in College Station.

Anderson has already hired 3 coaches for her staff and is looking forward to continuing to build the network of people she trusts around her. The former UVA Associate Head Coach is excited at the potential that she sees for the Aggies moving from two separate programs into a combined one.


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Just The Facts
20 days ago

UT – A&M Rivalry??? THE University of Texas outclasses A&M athletically and academically in every meaningful way. It’s just a fact.

Aggies don’t like to hear this but A&M is closer to Texas Tech on a comparison basis than Texas. Poor little brother syndrome.

Follow my bubbles
25 days ago

I hope I’m wrong on this one but the interview was underwhelming for me. She used a lot of “I” and “me” and tended to mention A&M as “they”. And her lack of leadership, given the power she has been given at A&M, is stunning. I can’t imagine her title and pay to be deserving of what she got to be on par with where she is presently at in her career. I hope the upside is there and this interview just didn’t show it. I’d call this hire a C- to a D+ on its face, and an F for how it was handled with the rest of the staff.

I sadly think we’ll be seeing a change… Read more »

25 days ago

Blaire is a wonderful coach! How fortunate Texas A&M is to have her!

26 days ago

Some thoughts/observations:
1. Tamu combining program a week after Texas does same! A program that is always in Texas’ shadow. But I do see the need for it more at Tamu than Texas!
2. No question about UVA men? They have had a ton of success with women, but not much with men! Same with Bob’s hire at UT. Ton of success with men and not much with ASU women. Why do AD’s think these programs with these coaches are better combined?

Swim dad 67
Reply to  Diehard
22 days ago

Agree should have been a question about lack of success of UVA Menard how she plans for that to not happen at A&M. Thought the interviewer lacked awareness to ask the hard questions. Also, Jay stepped down after not being chosen director he didn’t truly retire. Don’t skirt the truth, should have been a question about that. Just feel like something was lacking, I like how she answered most questions but they weren’t hard probing questions.

Sedona Red
26 days ago


Reply to  Sedona Red
26 days ago

You’re delightful.

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