Chalmers & Bishop Lure Olympians Elmslie & Wilson To Marion

Just days after her coach, David Lush of Brisbane Grammar, was named ‘Coach of the Year’, Olympic gold medalist Brittany Elmslie makes the move to a new swim club. Having competed under ‘Lushy’s’ banner for most of her career, Elmslie is now joining Marion Swim Club in South Australia, home of 2016 Olympic champion in the 100m freestyle, Kyle Chalmers.

And Elmslie is not making the move alone, as it has been revealed 23-year-old Madi Wilson will also be relocating from Bond to Marion, although for perhaps more personal reasons. She and Chalmers have been interstate dating for some time. For Wilson, this makes her 2nd move in as many years, as she had only been at Bond since 2017 when she made the move from St. Peters Western. 

Wilson and Elsmlie both made Australia’s 2016 Olympic team, with Elsmlie racing her way to a relay gold on the 4x100m freestyle in then-world record-setting time, while also snagging silver on the medley relay. Wilson finished 8th individually in the 100m backstroke in Rio and has since been shifting her focus to freestyle.

After lackluster performances at the 2018 Australian Championships that left both women off their nation’s Commonwealth Games roster, Wilson and Elmslie are each looking for career reboots under Coach Peter Bishop.

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She is 23 and he is how old? How old was he when they started dating?


How and why does that matter? They’re both young adults.

tammy touchpad error

King Kyle transcends age. That boy is a MAN.


I believe she was 22 and he was 18 when they began dating (they’ll be 20 and 24 this year). Nothing wrong with that.


It similar ages to when Mitch Larkin and Meagan Nay were together.

Sum Ting Wong

Hullo . A lizard lovin man is a rare catch .

Sum Ting Wong

Always good to hear swimmers making changes . I can’t imagine how heavy it all gets .


I’m not sure this is a great idea for Kyle and Madi. They’ve broken up more than once already and reading betweeen the lines, she is near the end of her career. He is still young but has said he will not swim past Tokyo.

But who knows – it might work!


“She is near the end of her career. He is still young but has said he will not swim past Tokyo.”

Maybe that’s the exact reason this might work for them – firstly, because if these are their last few seasons, training together might motivate them to do even better. Secondly, maybe they’re trying to make things work better out of the pool by training in the same place. Thirdly, maybe they’ve gotten past the break-up potential, know they want to be together long-term, and want to be in the same place when they retire. Who knows – it could be the best decision they’ve ever made.

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