New Mom Emily Seebohm Entered In Queensland Sprint Championships


The 2024 Queensland Sprint Championships are slated for the Brisbane Aquatic Center this weekend. Elite and age groupers alike will take to the pool for showdowns in 50m sprints of each stroke, with prelims and finals taking place in the same session.

Among the high-profile attendees set to race is new mom Emily Seebohm.

Representing St. Margaret’s 31-year-old Seebohm is entered in the women’s 50m free and 50m back events which both take place on Saturday, February 10th.

Seebohm hasn’t competed since Tokyo but did partake in the national team’s training camp in February 2023 on the Gold Coast while 8 weeks pregnant. She gave birth to her first baby, son Sampson, in October of last year and has since conveyed her desire to make a run at the Aussie team for this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris.

Making the Olympic team “would be insane,” the 2020 Olympic Games 200m backstroke bronze medalist told The Courier Mail last September.

“I think to do it and have a baby as well, that’s the biggest lesson I could give to my child.

“You don’t ever give up on something you want, even if you think it’s not possible, anything is achievable.

“So I’m just going to give it a go.”

Seebohm will be up against Cate Campbell in the 50m free this weekend while American Linnea Mack enters as the top-seeded 50m backstroker.

Additional swimmers set to race include Thomas Nowakowski, Mark Nikolaev, Mitch Larkin, Zac Stubblety-Cook, Jack Taylor and Elizabeth Dekkers.

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5 months ago

Here’s hoping she’ll swim at the 2024 Victorian and NSW State Championships. From memory, she’s gunning for an individual spot in the 200m backstroke.

5 months ago

Wonder if Em gave birth by caesarian (so common these days)?

If so, I bet training for this meet has been hard work. Good luck to her – certainly not expecting any outstanding times from her.

Reply to  Oceanian
5 months ago

Even if not Caesarian, it certainly affects the core muscles believe me. I had trouble swimming 500 metres about 8 weeks after

Reply to  Oceanian
5 months ago

Water birth? 🙂

Alison England
Reply to  Oceanian
5 months ago

She wouldn’t be able to do this after a c-section. (I’m a former midwife).

Personal Best
5 months ago

Good for Em… hope she can make the team. If she’s anywhere in the 2:06 territory she stands a strong chance. I don’t know about the 100 though.

But the bigger story here is that ZSC is swimming sprints. Good on him for trying haha.

Nick the biased Aussie
5 months ago

She’s in her Lisa Curry era

Alison England
5 months ago

“I think to do it and have a baby as well, that’s the biggest lesson I could give to my child”.

I’m already feeling sorry for son Sampson ‘s future wife/partner. He’ll be expecting her to want to climb Everest 5 minutes after having their first child!

Having said that, good luck to Emily. There’s nothing wrong with you giving it a go.

5 months ago

Good luck Em, you deserve every successful moment. Enjoy the racing.

5 months ago

Cute story but how about the biggest swimming news of the year out of Australia today that Rob Woodhouse has been named CEO of Swimming Australia? Probably time Swimswam had a correspondent on the ground down under.

Reply to  kurtmillshanson
5 months ago

Cute comment.

Reply to  kurtmillshanson
5 months ago

Knowing swimming Australia history he’d probably quit his post before an article comes up lol

Personal Best
Reply to  Verram
5 months ago

Omg… ok that’s funny. Sad, but funny.

Hooked on Chlorine
Reply to  kurtmillshanson
5 months ago

Probably time Swimswam had a correspondent on the ground down under.

Frankly, I’d prefer them upright and with their wits about them, at least while they’re on the job.

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