UPDATE: UIL: 2 Positives for Anabolic Steroids in 2,633 Tests Conducted

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Update: after the initial report was posted below, the UIL updated their testing numbers to say that there were two confirmed positive tests for anabolic steroids. See the UIL’s most up-to-date numbers here.

Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, the Texas State Senate mandated that the University Interscholastic League (UIL) that governs high school sports in the state institute a testing program for anabolic steroids. By law, these tests cannot test for recreational drugs or alcohol, rather only for those substances on the UIL’s Anabolic Steroid list (seen here).

The National Center for Drug Free Sport, Inc. conducts the tests through a random selection process, with 30% of the state’s high schools subjected to testing each year. The punishments include 30 school days for a first positive test, 1 calendar year for a 2nd positive test, and finally a career-long ban, specifically with regard to competition and not for practice.

The UIL has released the report for their 2013-2014 testing program, which had zero positive tests among 2,633 tests conducted, though there were 10 “inconclusive endogenous records.”  An endogenous record means that there were elevated testosterone levels, but it could not be determined if the elevation was caused by steroids or was natural.  Seven “protocol violations” were noted meaning an athlete was absent without excuse for testing, which receives the same punishment as a positive test.

Of the 2,633 athletes tested, there were 9 male swimmers and 10 female swimmers.

The NCAA recently released the results of an anonymous drug use survey where roughly .6% of NCAA student-athletes across all divisions admitted to using anabolic steroids by the time they were 17.

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Proof …..All is well . All is well.

So, what this means is there were 7 positives, since being absent is the same as using steroids, as the person avoided testing and there 10 “inconclusive” showing elevated testosterone levels. Also, since anabolic steroids are cycled with on and off periods, you could only catch people 1/2 of the time. Also, there are many preparations that cannot be detected. Ask Texas’ own Lance Armstrong. Tested 500 times without a positive. Marion Jones tested about 150 times without a positive.

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